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Brian Grainger
Known forMilieu Music

Brian Grainger is an American ambient/techno/electronic music composer and record label owner. The majority of his musical projects have been published under the names Milieu, Coppice Halifax, and Brian Grainger. Other musical aliases of his include 'Pink Space', 'Vhom', 'Parallax', 'Phe_', 'Teenager', 'AQV', 'TMA3', 'Troth', and 'Bike'. His collaborative projects include the bands CH*/CN (with EOD), Waterstrider (with Jonathan Canupp), Free Festival (with Brian Ellis), VCV (with David Tagg), SEAS (with David Tagg), Viking Destroyer (with David Tagg), Flax Harmonade (with Lee Batchelor), Silver Honey (with Jason Adams), Gauss (with Eric Adrian Lee), Royal Opium (with Lee Norris), Sunbeam Rail (with Samuel Campbell) and The Blue Spaces (with Luke Hazard).

Grainger is the sole owner and operator of the record label Milieu Music (established 2004) and its sub-label Recycled Plastics (est. 2011). Music released for these labels is produced in Grainger's home studio, Botany Bay, located in South Carolina. Grainger is also co-founder and co-owner of the record labels Second Sun Music[1] and Install,[2] along with David Tagg.

Eufloria video game soundtracks[edit]

Grainger (as Milieu) created the soundtrack to the ambient videogame Eufloria, which was released on PC, MAC, PlayStation Network, IoS, Android, and Steam. Through the Eufloria soundtrack, Grainger's music has reached nearly 450,000 gamers by December 2012[3] and over 500,000 gamers by March 2013.[4] The sequel Eufloria Adventures (available on PlayStation Mobile from April 2014[5]) also features a soundtrack by Grainger, this time under the moniker 'Coppice Halifax'.

Other soundtracks and scores[edit]

Grainger composed an original score for the Discovery Channel documentary Into The Dragon's Lair,[6] a special about Nile crocodiles. Into the Dragon's Lair aired on Animal Planet in 2010.[7] As Milieu, Granger's song "Cropduster" was features in the third season of the online show Radar.[8] Milieu also contributed the song "Luke's Rusty Drum" to Code Barre,[9] a short film produced with the National Film Board of Canada.[10] Grainger's psychedelic track "Swamp Bike" was given a video by Mindbomb Films, and subsequently featured on Gizmodo[11] and Boing Boing:[12]

Selected discography[edit]

Artist Album Year Record Label
Milieu Brother 2005 Metanoia Media
Milieu A Dusty Box Of Old Memories 2005 Milieu Music
Milieu Aurora Borealis 2005 U-Cover CDr Limited
Milieu Songs We Found In The Sand 2005 Rope Swing Cities
Milieu Sleeep Mmx 2005 Milieu Music
Milieu Gunkajima 2005 Experimedia
Milieu Slow Lid Close 2006 Experimedia
Milieu Our Blue Rainbow 2006 Expanding Electronic Diversity
Milieu Milieu 2006 Experimedia
Milieu Night Currents 2006 Milieu Music
Milieu Pillowtone Poems 2006 Unlabel
Milieu Beyond The Sea Lies The Stars 2006 Infraction
Milieu / Quosp Grassland Melodies 2006 Rope Swing Cities
Milieu Sun White Sun 2006 Expanding Electronic Diversity
Milieu New Drugs For Nuclear Families Of The Seventies 2007 Milieu Music
Milieu Our Blue Remixes 2007 Expanding Electronic Diversity
Milieu Echo Spectrum 2007 Milieu Music
Milieu Remodelled 2007 Boltfish Recordings
Milieu Our Bonus Remixes 2007 Milieu Music
Milieu Of The Apple 2007 Second Sun Recordings
Milieu Beyond The Stars Lies The Sea 2008 Second Sun Recordings
Milieu A Warm Wooden Hollow 2008 Infraction
Milieu Colortone 2009 Milieu Music
Milieu Swaying Palms 2009 Milieu Music
Milieu We Live In The Trees 2009 Milieu Music
Milieu Leaves Painted Purple 2009 Milieu Music
Milieu Eufloria 2009 Milieu Music
Milieu Live At 114RKD 2009 Milieu Music
Milieu Phosphene Weather 2009 Install
Milieu Brittle Paper Cathedrals 2009 Milieu Music
Milieu Suntanned Melodies 2009 Milieu Music
Milieu The Loneliness Of Empty Roads 2010 Second Sun Recordings
Turquoise Turtles & Milieu Turquoise Turtles & Milieu 2010 Milieu Music
Milieu A Blanket Of Infinite Repetitions 2010 Milieu Music
Milieu Sadhills 2010 Milieu Music
Milieu Bell'n Dither 2010 Milieu Music
Milieu Enjoy Your Stay At The Holograph Lounge 2011 Milieu Music
Milieu Blisschord Variations 2011 Milieu Music
Milieu Euflorian Additions 2011 Milieu Music
Milieu H Is For Hologram 2011 Milieu Music
Mrs Jynx / Milieu / Fieldtriqp Bermuda Triangle 2011 Milieu Music
Milieu Tidewater Petrol 2012 Milieu Music
Milieu Last Wave 2012 Milieu Music
Milieu & Solitary Nature Bedroom Waves 2012 Milieu Music
Milieu Euflorian Additions Volume II 2012 Milieu Music
Milieu Academy Stripes 2013 Recycled Plastics
Milieu Butcher Block Andromeda 2014 Recycled Plastics
Milieu Thriambus 2014 Milieu Music


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