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The Coptic Orthodox Church of Alexandria has many churches and congregations in the continent of Asia.

All of the Coptic Orthodox Eparchies in the peninsula of Sinai are in Asia.


Two Eparchies, each led by a Bishop:

El Arish and all North Sinai[edit]

Kosman (Cosmas), Bishop of the Holy Diocese of El Arish (Rhinocorura), El Qantarah and all North Sinai.

El-Tor and all South Sinai[edit]

Apollo, Bishop of the Holy Diocese of El-Tor (Raithu), Sharm El Sheikh and all South Sinai.

Currently, there are at least five Coptic Orthodox churches in South Sinai.[1]


Abraham, Metropolitan of the Holy and Great City of Our Lord, Jerusalem, Holy Zion, Archbishop of the Holy Archdiocese of Jerusalem, All Palestine, Philadelphia of Jordan and all the Near East.

This Archdiocese has many churches in the Palestinian Authority, Lebanon, Syria, Iraq, Iran, Kuwait, the United Arab Emirates, Qatar, Bahrain, Oman, Yemen, and Israel.

This great archdiocesan Metropolis is technically outside the Egyptian Province and was not originally counted within the jurisdiction of the Pope of Alexandria and it was created by Pope Cyril III (1235-1243) in the Thirteenth Century, which, at that time, had caused a dispute between the Coptic Orthodox Church of Alexandria and the Syriac Orthodox Church of Antioch.[2] This was a very rare incident between the two sister churches as in general their relationship is one of the strongest between any two sister churches.[3]

The Coptic Orthodox Metropolitan of Jerusalem is the only Coptic Orthodox Metropolitan who is consecrated as a Metropolitan Archbishop without being consecrated a bishop first and then elevated to the Metropolitan rank later, as is the norm in all episcopal consecration according to the tradition of the Church of Alexandria. This has been the case since Cyril III consecrated Metropolitan Basilius as the first Coptic Orthodox Metropolitan of Jerusalem and All the Near East.


The Coptic Orthodox Church is one of the 18 religious sects recognized by the Lebanese Constitution.


The Coptic Orthodox Church of Alexandria was first established in Japan by H.G. Bishop Daniel in 2004.[1]. Bishop Daniel is the Coptic Orthodox bishop of the Diocese of Sydney and Affiliated Regions, including Asia. He appointed the first serving Coptic priest in Japan in 2004 who served St. George Coptic Orthodox church in Japan, although a church building was not established yet.

The first Coptic Orthodox holy liturgy was held in Kobe City, Japan in May 2004 by Bishop Daniel. Other areas were Coptic Orthodox holy liturgies were held were in Osaka, Kagoshima (south of Japan), Tokyo (capital city of Japan) and Tottori (western part of Japan).

On July 18th, 2016, the first Coptic Orthodox church building in Japan was officially established by the Diocese of Sydney and affiliated region, in Kizugawa city, in Kyoto prefecture (western part of Japan). It was named St. Mary & St. Mark Coptic Orthodox church. The Coptic Orthodox church in Japan is an official member of JCCC (Japan Confederation of Christian Churches). The official website of the church is

Hong Kong[edit]

South Korea[edit]

  • St. Mary; Seoul
  • St. Mary & St. Karas; Ulsan


  • St. George & St. Mina; Taipei

East Asia[edit]

This wide area comes under the Diocese of Sydney, New South Wales, Queensland, Northern Territory and All East Asia whose Hierarch is Daniel, Bishop of the Holy Diocese of Sydney, New South Wales, Queensland, Northern Territory, Thailand, Singapore and All East Asia. The following is a list of churches in East Asia under the jurisdiction of the Diocese, and also the priests that serve in each church:


  • St. Mark & St. George; Bangkok
  • St. James the Apostle Orphanage; Sangkhlaburi


  • St. Mark; Singapore


  • St. Antony & St.Paul;Guangzhou
  • St. Mark, Yiwu


  • St. Mary & St. Mark; Malacca
    • Fr Joseph Sim
  • St. Mary & Archangel Michael; Kuala Lumpur


Under Coordinator Of Fr.John Edward, Mission Start In 2014 In Jakarta.

  • St. Mary, Jakarta
  • St. Mark & Virgin Mary, East Java-Surabaya
    • Archiangel Michael & St.Moussa the Black, Malang


A Mission church in Isalambad started in 2006 under the Diocese of Melbourne, West & South Australia, New Zealand and All Oceania whose Hierarch is Suriel, Bishop of the Holy Diocese of Melbourne, Victoria (Australia), Tasmania, ACT, South Australia, Western Australia, New Zealand and All Oceania. The following is a list of churches in Pakistan which are under the Diocese, and also the priests that serve in each church:

  • St. Mark; Rawalpinidi
    • Fr Bishoy Sarfraz
  • St. Mary; Islamabad
    • Fr Anthony David John

As of July 2014, the churches in Pakistan are under the direct jurisdiction of HH Pope Tawadros II.


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