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This article is about Coptic Orthodoxy in Canada. For Copts in Canada. For a list of Coptic parishes in Canada, see the list of Coptic Orthodox Churches in Canada.

The immigration of the Copts to Canada (Copts in Canada) might have started as early as the late 1950s. Due to an increasing amount of discrimination towards Copts in Egypt in the 1970s, many decided to emigrate in order to escape the rising racial tensions. Canada has been receiving a greater number of these immigrants, and the number of Coptic immigrants into Canada has been growing ever since.[1] According to the census, there were over 10,000 Orthodox Copts in Canada by the year of 2001 — an increase from only 5,000 in 1991.[2][3] Currently, there are over 50,000 Coptic Orthodox Christians throughout Canada, primarily in Ontario and Quebec.[4]

The story of the first Coptic Orthodox Church established in Canada, St. Mark's in Toronto Ontario, Canada, can be found here. In summary, the Copts who had left Egypt, and immigrated to Canada found it very difficult to survive, given that they were separated from their Coptic roots. One member of the Coptic community in Toronto voiced his opinion to the Church in Egypt, and in November 1964, St. Mark Coptic Orthodox Church was established.[5] Now, there are more than 40 permanent priests, serving over 40 Coptic Orthodox Churches in Canada.[6]


  • Diocese of Mississauga, Vancouver & Western Canada under His Grace Bishop Mina
British Columbia
Ontario (west of Mississauga)

Church Activities[edit]

Apart from the Divine Liturgy, many of the Coptic churches in Canada offer other services to their congregation, such as Choir, Sunday School, Youth Group, Bible Study, Coptic Language Classes, Hymnology classes, etc. These services help to keep the youth as active members of the Church, and serve to maintain an involved Church community.[7] Church websites usually have a list of the services they offer, and on which days they take place.

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