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St. Basil's Liturgy - The Commemoration of the Saints[edit]

St. Basil the Great

As this, O Lord, is the command of your Only-Begotten Son, that we share in the commemoration of your saints, graciously accord, O Lord, to remember all the saints who have pleased you since the beginning: our holy fathers the patriarchs, the prophets, the apostles, the preachers, the evangelists, the martyrs, the confessors and all the spirits of the righteous who were consummated in the faith. Most of all, the pure, full of glory, ever-virgin, holy Theotokos, Saint Mary, who in truth, gave birth to God the Logos. And Saint John the forerunner, baptist and martyr; Saint Stephen the archdeacon, the protomartyr; the beholder-of-God Saint Mark, the evangelist the apostle and martyr; the patriarch Saint Severus; our teacher Dioscorus; Saint Athanasius the Apostolic; Saint Peter the priest-martyr and the high priest; Saint John Chrysostom, Saint Theodosuius, Saint Theophilus, Saint Demetrius, Saint Cyril, Saint Basil, Saint Gregory the theologian, Saint Gregory the wonder-worker, Saint Gregory the Armenian; the three hundred and eighteen assembled at Nicea, the one hundred at Ephesus; our righteous father great Abba Antony, the righteous Abba Paul, the three saints Abba Macarii, and all their children the cross-bearers, our father Abba John the hegomen; our father Abba Pishoi the righteous perfect man, the beloved of our good Saviour; our father Abba Paul of Tammoh and Ezekiel his disciple; my masters the Roman fathers Saints Maximus and Domitius; the forty nine martyrs the elders of Shiheet; the strong Saint Abba Moses; John Kame the priest; our father Abba Daniel the hegomen; our father Abba Isidore the priest; our father Abba Pachom, of the Koinonia, and Theodore his disciple; our father Abba Shenoute the archimandrite and Abba Wissa his disciple. And all choir of your saints, through whose prayers and supplications, have mercy on us all and save us, for the sake of your holy name, which is called upon us.[1][2]

Early church historians[edit]

Early church historians, writers, and fathers testified to the numerous Egyptian martyrs. Tertullian, 3rd century North African lawyer wrote "If the martyrs of the whole world were put on one arm of the balance and the martyrs of Egypt on the other, the balance will tilt in favor of the Egyptians." Despite periods of martyrdom and persecution the number of believers continued to grow and the lives of the martyrs inspired many to the Christian faith.

The following is a list of saints commemorated by the Coptic Orthodox Church of Alexandria. The majority of saints are either from Egypt or Palestine, with the majority venerated in all of Christianity.

Alphabetical list of Christian Saints in the Coptic Orthodox Church of Alexandria[edit]




St. Abraam
St. Anthony the Great
St. Athanasius the Apostolic


St. Bishoy Kamel
  • Babnuda, the anchorite, martyr
  • Balamon, the anchorite
  • Barbara and Juliana, martyrs
  • Barsanuphius, monk, martyr during the Islamic occupation of Egypt
  • Barnabas, one of the seventy apostles
  • Bartholomew, one of the twelve apostles
  • Bashnouna, monk, martyr during the Islamic occupation of Egypt in 1164
  • Basil, bishop of Caesarea
  • Basilides and Potamiana, martyrs
  • Basilissa, the child martyr
  • Basilius, metropolitan of Jerusalem
  • Basin and her Children
  • Benjamin I, the 38th Pope of Alexandria
  • Benjamin II, the 82nd Pope of Alexandria
  • Bessarion, disciple of St. Anthony the Great and later St. Macarius the Great
  • Bisada, the priest, martyr
  • Bishoy Kamel, the hegumen
  • Butamina, the chaste virgin, martyr


St. Cyril VI


St. Demetrius
St. Demiana and the 40 Virgins



Sts. Felix, Regula, Exuperantius


St. Gregory of Nyssa


St. Heraclas
  • Habakkuk, one of the minor twelve minor prophets
  • Habib Girgis, dean of Catechetical School of Alexandria
  • Hadid, the priest
  • Haggai, one of the minor twelve minor prophets
  • Hannah, the prophetess, mother of Samuel the prophet
  • Hedra, the anchorite, bishop of Aswan
  • Helena, empress, built numerous churches in Egypt
  • Hepatius, bishop of Gangra
  • Heraclas, the 13th Pope of Alexandria
  • Heraclides, the martyr
  • Hermina, the anchorite
  • Hezekiah, the king
  • Hilaria, daughter of Emperor Zeno, lived disguised as a monk
  • Hilarion, the anchorite of Palestine
  • Hor, the ascetic, disciple of St. Pachomius
  • Hor, Besoy, and Daydara, martyr
  • Hor, Susanna and her Children, and Agathon the hermit, martyrs at Tamouh
  • Hosea, one of the minor twelve minor prophets
  • Hour and his mother Theodora, martyrs
  • Hour El-Siriakousy, martyr
  • Hripsime, (Arbasima), Third Century Armenian martyr


St. Isidore of Pelusium


St. John Chrysostom
St. John Colobos


  • Karas, the anchorite of Scetes, brother of Emperor Theodosius the Great
  • Karas, first bishop of the United States
  • Kaou, martyr
  • Keriakos, the anchorite
  • Kedron, the 4th Pope of Alexandria
  • Kloug, physician, ascetic, priest, and martyr
  • Kosheh Martyrs, martyrs during the Islamic occupation of Egypt in 2000



St. Maurice
St. Mercurius
St. Moses the Black



St. Onuphrius the Anchorite


St. Pakhom
St. Parsoma
St. Poemen



  • Rais, martyr
  • Rebecca and her five children Agathon, Peter, John, Amun, & Amuna
  • Rhipsime, Gaiana, and her sisters the virgins


St. Severus
St. Sidhom Bishay
St. Simon


Theotokos, Saint Mary
  • Tekle Haymanot, the Ethiopian
  • Thecla, the martyr
  • Theoclia, martyr
  • Theodora and Didymus, martyrs
  • Theodora, 4th-century nun at the convent near Alexandria
  • Theodora, chaste virgin martyr
  • Theodora, the monk
  • Theodore, disciple of St. Pakhomius
  • Theodore the Martyr
  • Theban Legion, is entire Roman legion of 6666 men
  • Theodore, the prince of Mishreke
  • Theodore, the prince of Shotb
  • Theodoros I, the 45th Pope of Alexandria
  • Theodorus, disciple of St. Pachomius
  • Theodosius I, the 33rd Pope of Alexandria
  • Theodosius II, the 79th Pope of Alexandria
  • Theognosta, the virgin
  • Theonas, the 16th Pope of Alexandria
  • Theophilus I, the 23rd Pope of Alexandria
  • Theophilus II, the 60th Pope of Alexandria
  • Theophilus, the monk of the Ennaton Monastery near Alexandria
  • Theophilus & His Wife, martyr in Fayyum
  • Theopista, took it upon herself to become a nun and honored with the holy Eskeem
  • Theotokos, the pure, full of glory, ever-virgin, Saint Mary, who in truth, gave birth to God the Logos
  • Thomas, the apostle and martyr
  • Thomas, the anchorite of Shinshif
  • Thomas, Victor, & Isaac, of the city of Ashmunein
  • Timon, one of the seven deacons
  • Timothy, the anchorite
  • Timothy, the apostle, bishop, and martyr
  • Timothy, bishop of Ansena
  • Timothy I, the 22nd Pope of Alexandria
  • Timothy II, the 26th Pope of Alexandria
  • Timothy III, the 32nd Pope of Alexandria
  • Titus, the apostle, and disciple of St. Paul


  • Varus, the soldier and martyr
  • Verena, associated with the Theban Legion
  • Veronica, a young girl from the monastery of virgins near Akhmim, martyr during the Islamic occupation of Egypt in 749
  • Victor, the soldier, from Asyut, martyr
  • Vizier Abu Elaala Fahd ibn Ibrahim, martyr during the Islamic occupation of Egypt




  • Zacharias, the 64th Pope of Alexandria
  • Zacharias, bishop of Sakha
  • Zacharias, the perfect monk of Scetes
  • Zadok, and the 128 saints with him martyred in Persia
  • Zechariah, the priest and martyr
  • Zechariah, one of the minor twelve minor prophets
  • Zephaniah, one of the minor twelve minor prophets
  • Zosimas of Palestine, 5th-century anchorite


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