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Coque Malla (Madrid October 22, 1969[1]) is a Spanish musician and actor, frontman of the group Los Ronaldos.[2]


He starred in the 1994 film Todo es mentira with Penélope Cruz


  • Soy un astronauta más (1999)
  • Sueños (2004)
  • La hora de los gigantes (2009)
  • La hora de los gigantes - Edición especial (2010)
  • Termonuclear (2011)
  • Termonuclear en casa de Coque Malla (2011)
  • Mujeres (2013) duets with Leonor Watling, Ángela Molina, Anni B Sweet, Jeanette, Alondra Bentley
  • Canta a Rubén Blades (2015)
  • El último hombre en la Tierra (2016)


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  2. ^ Billboard - 8 Jul 1995 - Page 44 "Asked if he shared Juan Perro's enthusiasm for the mestizaje between Spanish rock and Cuban son, Ronaldo's lead singer, Coque Malla, replied "Nah, my thing's rock."

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