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Coquitlam-Moody was a provincial electoral district in the Canadian province of British Columbia from 1979 to 1986. Its predecessor riding was Coquitlam and its successor was the Coquitlam-Maillardville riding.

For other Greater Vancouver area ridings please see New Westminster (electoral districts) and/or Vancouver (electoral districts).


Population, 1966
Population change, 1966–1986
Area (km²)
Population density (people per km²)

Political geography[edit]

Notable elections[edit]

Notable MLAs[edit]

Electoral history[edit]

Note: Winners in each election are in bold.

32nd British Columbia election, 1979
Party Candidate Votes  % ± Expenditures
  Progressive Conservative Orest Peter Jakubec 762 3.69% unknown
Social Credit Leslie Richard Keen 7,915 38.37% unknown
New Democratic Stewart Malcolm Leggatt 11,919 57.78% unknown
  North American Labour Party Calvin Alphonso Segur 33 0.16% unknown
Total valid votes 20,629 100.00%
Total rejected ballots 223
Turnout %
33rd British Columbia election, 1983
Party Candidate Votes  % ± Expenditures
  New Democrat Mark Rose 14,717 51.81% unknown
Liberal William Watson Stewart 1,010 3.55% unknown
Social Credit Douglas William Geoffrey Whitehead 12,680 44.64% unknown
Total valid votes 28,407 100.00%
Total rejected ballots 267
Turnout %
34th British Columbia election, 1986
Party Candidate Votes  % ± Expenditures
Social Credit Darrell V. Anderson 13,278 43.37% unknown
Liberal Charles A. Papps 1,819 5.94% unknown
New Democratic Mark Rose 15,521 50.69% unknown
Total valid votes 30,618 100.00%
Total rejected ballots 364
Turnout %


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