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Coquitlam Central
TransLink station
Coquitlam Central Station Exterior.jpg
Location2920 Barnet Highway, Coquitlam
Coordinates49°16′26″N 122°48′00″W / 49.27389°N 122.80000°W / 49.27389; -122.80000Coordinates: 49°16′26″N 122°48′00″W / 49.27389°N 122.80000°W / 49.27389; -122.80000
Owned byTransLink
Operated byCoast Mountain Bus Company and TransLink
Line(s)Canadian Pacific Railway
  • 2 (Canadian Pacific Railway)
  • 2 (SkyTrain)
Structure type
  • At grade (West Coast Express)
  • Elevated (SkyTrain)
Parking601 spaces
Bicycle facilitieslockers
Other information
Fare zone3
  • November 1, 1995 (West Coast Express)
  • December 2, 2016 (SkyTrain)
Passengers (2018[1])4,510
Rank36 out of 53
Preceding station   TransLink   Following station
toward VCC–Clark
Millennium Line
toward Waterfront
West Coast Express
toward Mission City

Coquitlam Central station is an intermodal rapid transit station in Metro Vancouver served by both the Millennium Line—part of the SkyTrain system—and the region's West Coast Express commuter rail system. The station is located on the north side of the Canadian Pacific Railway (CPR) tracks in Coquitlam, just west of the Lougheed Highway rail overpass, near the Coquitlam Centre shopping mall. 601 parking spaces are available on site.[2] All services are operated by TransLink.

On December 2, 2016, the Millennium Line's Evergreen Extension entered revenue service at the station, providing service to VCC–Clark in Vancouver and Lafarge Lake–Douglas in Coquitlam.[3][4]


The Canadian Pacific Railway brought the first passenger train service to the area in the 1880s, with the first permanent station built at Fraser Mills in 1910, on the branch line to New Westminster. The train was a vital factor in bringing new settlement, including loggers and their families, into the Coquitlam area.[5]

The area around Coquitlam Central station has been an important focal point for bus services since August 15, 1979, when bus services were rerouted to serve Coquitlam Centre shopping mall.[6] During this period, buses converged along Pinetree Way north of the intersection of Lougheed and Barnet Highway. On September 2, 1991,[7] a new bus exchange known as "Coquitlam Centre Transit Exchange" opened on the southwest corner of the intersection, in roughly the same location as the current exchange, which was rebuilt during construction of the adjacent West Coast Express station. Before the Evergreen Extension was opened, the bus exchange was known as "Coquitlam Station".

The train station opened in 1995, when the West Coast Express began operating, connecting Vancouver with Mission, British Columbia. The West Coast Express platform is located on the south side of the CPR tracks, accessed via a pedestrian tunnel.


SkyTrain platforms at Coquitlam Central station

West Coast Express[edit]

West Coast Express station platform

Coquitlam Central is served by five West Coast Express trains per weekday in each direction: five in the morning to Vancouver, and five in the evening to Mission. In addition, there are select 701 trips arriving from Mission City in the morning, and select 701 trips operating to Mission City station in the evening. The station is adjacent to a major bus exchange and park-and-ride facility, which is served by local and express buses and Community Shuttle minibuses.


Revenue service began at Coquitlam Central station on December 2, 2016. It provides services to nearby Lafarge Lake–Douglas station in Coquitlam and service to VCC–Clark station in Vancouver. Coquitlam Central station is a major bus transfer exchange, which currently serves 21 TransLink bus routes and shares the record of having the most bus connections at a SkyTrain station with Surrey Central station. There is a track spur near the platform for a potential future extension to Port Coquitlam.

Transit exchange[edit]

Coquitlam Central station provides a bus exchange near the intersection of Lougheed Highway and Barnet Highway. Bus bay assignments are as follows:[8][9]

Bay Route Notes
1 171 Fremont
172 Riverside
173 Cedar
174 Rocklin
2 153 Braid Station
185 Lansdowne
187 Parkway Boulevard
3 188 Port Coquitlam Station
4 186 Hampton Park
189 Lafarge Park
5 183 Moody Centre Station
6 701 Haney Place / Maple Ridge East
701 Mission City Station
N9 Downtown
7 159 Braid Station
160 Port Coquitlam Station
8 160 Kootenay Loop
9 151 Burquitlam Station
10 152 Lougheed Station
11 169 Braid Station
191 Princeton
12 150 White Pine Beach Special May to September seasonal service only
175 Meridian Peak hour service only
179 Buntzen Lake Special July to September seasonal service only


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