Eilat's Coral Beach

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Eilat's Coral Beach
Khof Ha'almogim
Protected Area
PikiWiki Israel 15808 Diving in Yam Sof.jpg
Country Israel
Region Araba
District Southern
Length 5 km (3 mi)
Width 7 km (4 mi)
Biome Coral Reef
Plant Red Sea Flora
Animal Red sea Fauna

Eilat's Coral Beach Nature Reserve and Conservation area (Hebrew: שמורת טבע חוף האלמוגים‎‎) is a nature reserve and national park in the Red Sea, near the city Eilat in Israel. It covers 1.2 kilometers of shore, and is the northernmost shallow water coral reef in the world. It is popular for diving and research, and was founded by the Israel Nature and Parks Authority. At the southernmost point of the nature reserve there is the Coral World Underwater Observatory, the largest public aquarium in the Middle East.

Coordinates: 29°30′29″N 34°55′19″E / 29.508°N 34.922°E / 29.508; 34.922

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