Corallus cookii

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Corallus cookii
Cooks Tree Boa, Caroni Swamp Trinidad.jpg
Scientific classification edit
Kingdom: Animalia
Phylum: Chordata
Class: Reptilia
Order: Squamata
Suborder: Serpentes
Family: Boidae
Genus: Corallus
C. cookii
Binomial name
Corallus cookii
Gray, 1842
  • Corallus Cookii
    Gray, 1842
  • Corallus hortulanus Melanea
    Gray, 1849
  • Corallus cookii
    Boulenger, 1893
  • Boa cooki
    Ihering, 1911
  • Boa cooki
    Griffin, 1916
  • Boa enydris cookii
    Stull, 1935
  • Boa cookii
    — Stull, 1935
  • Corallus enydris cookii
    Forcart, 1951
  • Corallus hortulanus cookii
    Roze, 1966
  • Corallus hortulanus cooki
    Stafford & Henderson, 1996
  • Corallus cooki
    — Henderson, 1997
Common names: Cook's tree boa,[2] Cooke's tree boa.[3]

Corallus cookii is a species of nonvenomous snake in the family Boidae. The species is endemic to the island of St. Vincent in the Caribbean. There are no recognized subspecies.[2]


The specific name, cookii, is in honor of English artist and naturalist Edward William Cooke.[3]


C. cookii is similar to C. hortulanus and C. grenadensis, only smaller, with adults reaching a total length (including tail) of 5 feet (152 cm), and being mainly gray or brown in color. Not more than a few specimens exist in captivity.[4]

Geographic range[edit]

Endemic to the island of St. Vincent in the Caribbean, C. cookii is known only from a few locations on the island. The type locality given is "West Indies", which was restricted to "St. Vincent" by Henderson (1997).[1]

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Further reading[edit]

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