Corazón apasionado

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Corazón Apasionado
Poster de Corazon Apasionado.jpg
Created by Alberto Gómez
Directed by Carlos Perez Santos
Starring Marlene Favela
Guy Ecker
Susana Dosamantes
José Guillermo Cortines
Opening theme "Corazón Apasionado" by Lucero
Country of origin United States
Original language(s) Spanish
No. of episodes 111
Executive producer(s) Dulce Teran
Producer(s) Venevisión International
Running time 45 mins
Original network Venevisión
Picture format 480i SDTV
1080i HDTV
Original release February 13 – November 5, 2012
Preceded by Eva Luna
Followed by El Talismán
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Corazón Apasionado(International Title:Passions of The Heart) is a 2011 telenovela produced by Venevisión International, starring Marlene Favela and Guy Ecker as the main protagonists with Susana Dosamantes and José Guillermo Cortines as the main antagonists.

Chilevisión began airing Corazón Apasionado since November 7, 2011,[1] while Venevisión has aired the telenovela since February 13, 2012.[2] From April 9 to June 14, 2012, Univision broadcast Corazón Apasionado weekday afternoons at 2pm central, replacing Ni contigo ni sin ti.[3][4] From June 18 to July 27, 2012, Univision broadcast the telenovela weekday afternoons at 1pm central, replacing El Talismán.[5]


Patricia Campos (Marlene Favela), her two sisters, Virginia and Mariela, and her brother, David Campos, have grown up under the iron hand of their grandmother, Ursula (Susana Dosamantes), a wealthy landowner with a stern and domineering personality. Despite Ursula's disapproval, the teenage Patricia becomes romantically involved with Marcos (José Guillermo Cortines), a poor farm hand—but the relationship comes to a tragic end when he is mortally wounded. Years later, still marked by the loss of Marcos, Patricia has become a bitter woman whose heart is closed to love, and has drowned her sorrow by devoting all her time to managing the family ranch as strictly as her grandmother. Patricia's, her sister's and David's father is the evil man Bruno Montesinos (Marcelo Buquet). Virginia's father is Alejandro (Fernando Carrera).

The arrival of the handsome, charming, and self-assured foreman just hired at the ranch, Armando Marcano (Guy Ecker), drastically changes Patricia's life. Armando has a sister, Rebecca. While at first Patricia fights hard against the feelings he inspires in her, rejecting him, passion ends up taking over both of them and Patricia falls deeply in love. But once again, happiness will not be easy to achieve. Aside from facing her grandmother's opposition to her relationship with someone she considers beneath her, Patricia is up against a formidable rival: her beautiful and wicked cousin Fedora (Jessica Mass), who wants Armando for herself. The situation becomes even more difficult when Marcos suddenly reappears, very much alive and now a rich, ruthless man who'll stop at nothing to get Patricia back.

Virginia is in love with professor Ricardo Rey (Luis Jose Santander) but he is married to drunkard Sonia and they have 2 children. Mariela is in love with Ramiro Melendez (Carlos Augusto Maldonado). Sonia commits suicide. Bruno rapes Virginia. Patricia gets married to Alejandro but Marcos kills him; she is suspected of the murder. Marcos and Fedora team up against Patricia and Armando. Ursula has a friend whose niece is lawyer Leticia Bracamontes (Marjorie de Sousa). She decides to be Patricia's lawyer. David gets married to Rebeca and they have a small baby daughter.

Ricardo Rey starts dating Graciela (Patty Alvarez), an ex-guardian at a prison from Mexico, doctor Alvaro's ex fiancee. Fedora and Bruno kidnap Rebeca and her small daughter. Armando and David try to save them. Fedora hits Armando in the head; she advices him to go to the swamps area and cross the border. They leave David with his daughter and they take Rebecca and Armando as their hostages. Bruno is attacked. Fedora and Armando manage to escape. Marcos has illusions that he sees Satan and he almost kills his mother. He is committed at a mental hospital. The evil Teresa Rivas Gomez (Gabriela Rivero) ends up paralyzed and Virginia lets her stay in her house.

Marcos admits that it was he who killed Alejandro. Leticia reveals Ricardo that, in the past, she wanted to have Graciela sentenced to life imprisonment because while she was guardian at a prison from Mexico she received millions from a very strong person to kill an inmate; Graciela decided to burn down the prison not to leave traces and 300 women died. Graciela has an accident, ends up in hospital and forces Ricardo to marry her. Virginia is imprisoned and she finds out that she is pregnant with Bruno's baby.

Fedora cuts Patricia's face with a knife and, as a result, Patricia wants to break off with Armando. Fedora helps Bruno get out of the hospital. Leticia falls in love with Armando. Graciela wants to burn Virginia but both of them are traped in a room by Teresa Rivas Gomez. Ricardo wants to save them but Teresa hits him in the head. Graciela dies impaled.

Both Fedora and Bruno are killed by Marcos. Armando and Patricia get married.


  • Marlene Favela as Patricia Campos Miranda de Marcano Ursulas′s goddaughter,sister of Virginia,David and Marielita,cousin end enemy of Fedora,Emperatriz′s best friend,Marcos′ ex-fianceé,Armando′s wife. '.
  • Guy Ecker as Armando Marcano, Lorenza′s son and Rebeca′s brother,Diego′s cousin and friend,Fedora′s love interest,Patricia′s husband. .
  • Jessica Mass as Fedora, Patricia and her sisters and brother′s cousin,villaine,in love with Armando. .
  • José Guillermo Cortines as Marcos Perez / Martin Vegas, Patricia′s first love interest,Ramona′s son,villaine.
  • Susana Dosamantes as Doña Ursula Campos Miranda Villacastín, the grandmother of Patricia, Marielita, David, Virginia, Fedora.
  • Lorena Meritano as Virginia Campos Miranda, in love with Ricardo Rey, raped by Bruno.
  • Daniela Navarro as Marielita Campos Miranda, a rebel girl, in love with Ramiro.
  • Adrian Carvajal as David Campos Miranda.
  • Luis Jose Santander and Ricardo Rey, married to Sonia, the teacher of Ramirito.
  • Fernando Carrera as Alejandro Gomez, killed by Marcos.
  • Natalia Ramirez as Sonia Alcazar de Rey, drunkard, commits suicide
  • Raul Izaguirre as Ignacio Meléndez, killed by Bruno.
  • Marcelo Buquet as Bruno Montesinos, antagonist, devoured by a tiger, then electrocuted by Marcos.
  • Gabriela Rivero as Teresa Rivas Gomez, paralyzed after a stroke, later goes to jail.
  • Carlos Guillermo Haydon as Diego, servant of Don Ignacio, loves Emperatriz.
  • Dayana Garroz as Emperatriz Ferrer Melendez, spouse of Ignacio, loves Diego, has a baby with him.
  • Patricia Ramos as Lissete.
  • Carlos Augusto Maldonado as Ramiro Melendez, in love with Marielita.
  • Héctor Soberón as doctor Alvaro Martinez.
  • Scarlet Gruber as Rebecca Marcano.
  • Marjorie de Sousa as Ms. Leticia Bracamontes, a lawyer, in love with Armando, in the end she understands he can't be hers.
  • Beatriz Arroyo as Lorenza Sanchez Marcano.
  • José Miguel Gutierrez as Father Joe.
  • Patricia de Leon as Carmen Rosa.
  • Lara Ricote as Mary Rey, killed in a traffic accident.
  • Kevin Aponte as Juan Jose Rey, died in a traffic accident.
  • Christian Carabias as Johnny Gomez, killed by Bruno.
  • Carlos Perez as Perucho, killed by Bruno.
  • Beatriz Monroy as Ramona Perez.
  • Eduardo Ibarrola as Melquiades Lopez, killed by Bruno.
  • Patty Alvarez as Graciela, dies impaled by Stake after attempting to stab Virginia.
  • Ahrid Hannaley as Regina


Country TV network(s) Series premiere Series end
Puerto Rico Univision October 12, 2011 January 2, 2012
Chile Chilevisión November 7, 2011 April 2, 2012
Lithuania LNK February 4, 2012 August 12, 2012
Latvia TV3 Latvia February 13, 2012 July 13, 2012
Venezuela Venevisión February 13, 2012 November 5, 2012
Estonia TV3 Estonia March 27, 2012 September 3, 2012
Honduras HTV-Honduras Television April 9, 2012 September 10, 2012
United States Univision April 9, 2012 July 27, 2012
Nicaragua Televicentro April 16, 2012 September 20, 2012
Spain La 1 May 8, 2012 July 24, 2012
Angola y Mozambique ZAP Novelas July 30, 2012 December 31, 2012
Mexico Azteca Trece August 6, 2012 Cancelled
Hungary RTL 2 October 1, 2012 [6] March 4, 2013
Peru ATV January 31, 2013 July 19, 2013
Romania Acasă TV January 1, 2013 April 21, 2013
Slovenia POP TV January 15, 2013 June 21, 2013
Kenya K24 TV August 12, 2013 May 27, 2014
Dominican Republic Telesistema September 16, 2013 present
Uganda UBC January 27, 2014 present
Canada Tlñ 2014