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Cordelia - William Frederick Yeames.jpg
Gender Feminine
Language(s) English
Word/name uncertain; possibly related to the word cordial (literally "heartfelt, from the heart")
Meaning allegedly "heart" or "daughter of the sea(-god)", Jewel of the Sea (Welsh)
Other names
Nickname(s) Delia, Dilly, Rory, Cordy, Lia
Related names Cordeilla, Cordélia, Cordell, Cordilla, Cordoylla, Cordula, Creurdilad?

Cordelia is a feminine given name. It was borne by the tragic heroine of Shakespeare's King Lear (1606), a character based on the legendary queen Cordelia.[1] The name is of uncertain origin. It is popularly associated with Latin cor (genitive cordis) "heart", and has also been linked with the Welsh name Creiddylad, allegedly meaning "jewel of the sea", but it may derive from the French coeur de lion "heart of a lion".


In fiction[edit]


  • "Cordelia", track written by Gordon Downie of The Tragically Hip; album: Road Apples (1991)
  • Name of an album by solo Post-Metal artist Ethan Kotel


  • Cordelia Gallant-Jamaican baby who started talking at 3mnths old but didn't grow teeth until 15mnths old.


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