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Sunset, with nearby Ocean Beach Fishing Pier, in Ocean Beach.

The Ocean Beach Antique District is a specialty shopping district located in the Ocean Beach neighborhood of San Diego, California. It is a few miles northwest of Downtown San Diego.[1]


Located on the community's main street, Newport Avenue, it is a two-block stretch noted for a large concentration of antique and collectible shops, consignment stores, and multi-dealer malls. There are a dozen shops and malls housing more than 200 individual dealers - the largest concentration of antique dealers in San Diego County.[2]

The shops are within walking distance of the beach and Ocean Beach Fishing Pier at the foot of Newport Avenue. The Antique District hosts special events such as a Holiday Open House and an Oktoberfest sales event.[3]

The district has been called a "beachside Antique Row" by San Diego Magazine.[4] It is also listed as a "Favorite Resource" in Rachel Ashwell's book, Shabby Chic Treasure Hunting & Decorating Guide. In 2015 the District was listed as "best antique store" in a "Best of San Diego" readers poll by the San Diego Union Tribune.[5]


Ocean Beach became a destination for antiques starting in 1989,[6] when the Cottage Antiques mall was opened by Cordelia Mendoza, wife of Bob Mendoza. She became a leader of the local business community and has been honored as "a pioneer in establishing the antiques district in Ocean Beach."[7]

The area was recognized by the city of San Diego as an official district in the late 1990s.

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