Cordell–Lorenz Observatory

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Cordell–Lorenz Observatory
Organization University of the South
Code 850
Location Sewanee, Tennessee, United States
Coordinates 35°12′16″N 85°55′12″W / 35.20444°N 85.92000°W / 35.20444; -85.92000Coordinates: 35°12′16″N 85°55′12″W / 35.20444°N 85.92000°W / 35.20444; -85.92000
Altitude 590 m (1,940 ft)
Weather Cordell–Lorenz Observatory Clear Sky Clock
Website [1] [2]
unnamed 6 inch Alvan Clark refractor

Cordell–Lorenz Observatory (IAU code 850) is an astronomical observatory owned and operated by Sewanee:The University of the South. It is located in Sewanee, Tennessee (USA).

The Observatory has an 1897 vintage 6 inch Alvan Clark refractor located in the main dome and several other telescopes that feature apertures between 3.5 and 12.5 inches. Public observation sessions are held on Thursdays from 8pm to 10pm when the University is in session, meaning from mid-August to mid-December and from mid-January to mid-May.

Minor planets discovered: 3
(90505) 2004 EM16 March 12, 2004
(129081) 2004 VH75 November 14, 2004
(221308) 2005 VX November 3, 2005


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