Cordillera Darwin

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Cordillera Darwin
Cordillera Darwin is located in Southern Patagonia
Cordillera Darwin
Highest point
PeakMont Shipton
Elevation2,469 m (8,100 ft) Edit this on Wikidata
StateMagallanes Region
Range coordinates54°45′S 69°29′W / 54.75°S 69.48°W / -54.75; -69.48Coordinates: 54°45′S 69°29′W / 54.75°S 69.48°W / -54.75; -69.48

The Cordillera Darwin is an extensive mountain range mantled by an ice field that is located in Chile.[1]


Cordillera Darwin is located in the southwestern portion of Isla Grande de Tierra del Fuego, entirely within the Chilean territory. It is part of the longest Andes range and includes the highest mountains in Tierra del Fuego, with elevations reaching over 2,000 m (6,600 ft); The ice field of the Cordillera Darwin covers an area greater than 2,300 square kilometres (890 sq mi).[2] The Darwin Range extends in a west–east direction from the Monte Sarmiento (located in the vicinity of Magdalena Channel) to Yendegaia Valley. It is bounded by the Almirantazgo Fjord on the north and the Beagle Channel on the south. The range is named after Charles Darwin and is the most important feature of Alberto de Agostini National Park, which includes a number of well-known glaciers including the Marinelli Glacier, which is now under prolonged retreat as of 2008.[3]

In October 2011, a team of French mountaineers from the French Army's Groupe Militaire de Haute Montagne announced the first crossing of the Cordillera Darwin in a 29-day trip which included an ascent of Mount Darwin, the highest peak in the range.[4]

Major peaks[edit]

Stoppani Glacier in Cordillera Darwin

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