Cordillera Sarmiento

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Cordillera Sarmiento
Cordillera Sarmiento is located in Tierra del Fuego
Cordillera Sarmiento
Cordillera Sarmiento
Highest point
Peak La Dama Blanca
Coordinates 51°48′S 73°24′W / 51.800°S 73.400°W / -51.800; -73.400Coordinates: 51°48′S 73°24′W / 51.800°S 73.400°W / -51.800; -73.400
Country Chile
State Magallanes Region

The Cordillera Sarmiento is a mountain range located in the Chilean Patagonia to the west of Puerto Natales named after Pedro Sarmiento de Gamboa, who was a Spanish explorer who navigated the region's waterways between 1579 and 1580. It extends in north-south direction on the western shore of the Fjord of the Mountains and parallel to the Cordillera Riesco. The highest mountain in this range is La Dama Blanca (The White Lady), with an elevation of 2,150 m (over 7000 feet), which is located at 51°48′S 73°24′W / 51.800°S 73.400°W / -51.800; -73.400. It is a subrange of the Andes and has a number of small glaciers.

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