Cordillera Septentrional

Coordinates: 19°36′50″N 70°43′44″W / 19.614°N 70.729°W / 19.614; -70.729
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Cordillera Septentrional
Cordillera Septentrional is located in the Dominican Republic
Cordillera Septentrional
Highest point
PeakDiego de Ocampo
Elevation1,222 m (4,009 ft) Edit this on Wikidata
English translationNorthen Range
Range coordinates19°36′50″N 70°43′44″W / 19.614°N 70.729°W / 19.614; -70.729

The Cordillera Septentrional is a mountain range that runs parallel to the north coast of the Dominican Republic, with extensions to the northwest as Tortuga island in Haiti, and to the southeast through lowlands to where it rises as the Sierra de Samaná on the Samaná Peninsula.[1]

The range's highest point is Diego de Ocampo mountain at 1,250 metres (4,100 ft), located near Santiago de los Caballeros in Santiago Province.[2]

There are several small plains between the range and the Atlantic Ocean coastline. Rivers have short courses in the range, and most of them flow to the north into the Atlantic.


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