Cordillera de Oncol

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Valdivian Coast Range
Cordillera de Mahuidanchi
View from Cerro Oncol
Highest point
Peak Cerro Oncol
Elevation 715 m (2,346 ft)
Map showing the Valdivian Coast Range (Cordillera de Mahuidanchi) in the west.
Country Chile
State/Province Los Ríos Region
Range coordinates 40°04′S 73°25′W / 40.067°S 73.417°W / -40.067; -73.417Coordinates: 40°04′S 73°25′W / 40.067°S 73.417°W / -40.067; -73.417
Parent range Chilean Coast Range (Cordillera de la Costa)
Orogeny Toco
Age of rock Carboniferous[1]

The Cordillera de Oncol (sometimes called Valdivian Coast Range) is a mountain range, located along the Pacific coast in southern Chile. It is part of the Chilean Coast Range System (Cordillera de la Costa). It was named for the city of Valdivia. The highest point of the range is Cerro Oncol, at 715 m.

Natural history[edit]

The Valdivian Coastal Range has about 1 million acres (4,000 km²) of Valdivian temperate rain forests habitat, approximately one-quarter of which are protected.

The region has long been geographically isolated, making it a haven for endemic species. Some of the rare species that inhabit the Valdivian Coastal Range include the pudu (the smallest deer in the world), the common degu, the marine otter, and the monito del monte, or mountain monkey (actually a marsupial).

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