Cordt Baxmann

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Cordt Baxmann
Location Hessisch Oldendorf, Lower Saxony, Germany
Type Fountain
Dedicated to Legendary innkeeper, herald, and zombie.

The Baxmann Fountain in Hessisch Oldendorf, located in the federal state Lower Saxony of Germany is a monument to a legendary innkeeper, herald, and zombie.


Born in 1599 or 1600, Cordt Baxmann was the herald and tower trumpeter for the town. During the 30-year's war; he entertained the occupation troops profitably, and afterward, was able to lease the council beer cellar - the best inn in Oldendorf of 1648. Baxmann amassed a small fortune and lived on in good health to be 91. The envious slandered him that he had murdered some guests and was in league with the devil.


The story came about, that Baxmann was carried to his grave, and as the mourners returned, was seen looking out of the window of his house! The second burial ended with Baxmann appearing among the mourners on their way back from the graveyard. Monks were then consulted to ban Baxmann from the town. They cursed him to have to empty a wellspring with a sieve, and peace returned to the village. One dreadfully cold winter, the spring froze to the ground, and Baxmann was able to chip the ice away with his sieve and was free! His undying soul was banished again from the town, this time with the curse of having to empty the wellspring with a thimble. The Baxmann has never been seen in Oldendorf since.


The life and times of Cordt Baxmann has been presented in a theatre production written by Uwe Pernack.

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