Core Audio Format

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Core Audio Format
Filename extension.caf
Internet media typeaudio/x-caf
Type codecaff
Uniform Type Identifier (UTI)
Developed byApple Inc.
Initial release2005
Type of formatmedia container
Container fordigital audio
WebsiteApple Core Audio Format Specification 1.0

The Core Audio Format is a container for storing audio, developed by Apple Inc. It is compatible with Mac OS X 10.4 and higher; Mac OS X 10.3 needs QuickTime 7 to be installed.[1]

Core Audio Format is designed to overcome limitations of older digital audio formats, including AIFF and WAV. Just like the QuickTime .mov container, a .caf container can contain many different audio formats, metadata tracks, and much more data. Like the RF64, it is not limited to a 4 GB file size and a single .caf file can theoretically save hundreds of years of recorded audio due to its use of 64-bit file offsets.[2]

GarageBand, Soundtrack Pro, and Logic Studio use the .caf format for their loop and sound effects library, particularly for surround-sound audio compressed with the Apple Lossless (ALAC) codec.


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