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Core Magazine
kabushiki gaisha
Founded 1985 (1985)
Headquarters Tokyo, Japan
Area served
Key people
Shinichi Nakazawa (CEO)
Products magazines, manga, light novels
Revenue 5.9 billion yen (as of 2008)[1]
Number of employees
134 (as of April 1, 2010)

Core Magazine Co. Ltd. (株式会社コアマガジン?) is a Japanese publishing company focused on adult material, such as adult magazines and hentai manga. It also publishes yaoi titles, such as Kirepapa.[2] The company was established in 1985 as Shōnen Shuppansha (株式会社少年出版社?).

Core Magazine owns a bookstore chain "Core Books" (コアブックス?).[3]

In July 2002 a special issue of Bubka magazine featured unauthorized childhood photos of several female idols, including Norika Fujiwara, Kyoko Fukada, and Natsumi Abe. A suit was started against Core Magazine for privacy violation.[4]

It 2009 it was the top ero-manga publisher in Japan, with 76 titles, beating Akane Shinsha which only had 65.[5]

In July 2013, the head editor, Akira Ota, and the two staff members are arrested for having their manga shown partally uncensored. He pleaded guilty in December 2013 and apologized for his irresponsibility.

Magazines published[edit]

  • Bubka (ブブカ?)
  • Comic Zero EX (コミック0EX?), a monthly magazine, which replaced Comic Mega Plus (コミックメガプラス?) in 2007.[6]
  • Comic Hotmilk (コミックホットミルク?)
  • Comic Mega GOLD (コミックメガGOLD?), bakunyū manga magazine
  • Comic MegaMilk (コミック メガミルク?), a monthly magazine, which replaced Comic Zero EX (コミック0EX?) in 2010
  • Comic MegaStore (コミックメガストア?)
  • drap, yaoi magazine
  • Comic Nyan2 Club GOLD (コミックニャン2倶楽部GOLD?)
  • Gekiga Madmax (劇画マッドマックス?)
  • Manga Bangaichi (漫画ばんがいち?)
Video games (eroge) magazines
  • MegaStore (メガストア?)
  • G-type
  • Voice-type


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