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Scientific classification
Kingdom: Animalia
Phylum: Chordata
Class: Actinopterygii
Order: Salmoniformes
Family: Salmonidae
Subfamily: Coregoninae
Species: C. pollan
Binomial name
Coregonus pollan
W. Thompson, 1835
  • Coregonus autumnalis pollan Thompson, 1835
  • Coregonus elegans Thompson, 1839
  • Coregonus altior Regan, 1908 [1]

The pollan[2] or Irish pollan[1] (Coregonus pollan[1] or Coregonus autumnalis[2]) is a freshwater whitefish known only from five Irish lakes, Lough Neagh, Lower Lough Erne, Lough Ree, Lough Derg, and Lough Allen.

Conservation status[edit]

The pollan populations are threatened by ecosystem changes such as eutrophication and increases in introduced species, including pike, roach, and zebra mussel.[3] Only the population of Lough Neagh in Northern Ireland remains abundant and supports a small fish commercial fishery. The other UK population in Lough Erne has severely declined.[3] The Lough Allen population was only confirmed for the first time in 2006.[4] Other populations rely on stocking for their survival.[5]


In scientific literature and national biodiversity and conservation assessments, the Irish pollan are usually classified within the species Coregonus autumnalis. That is a widespread anadromous whitefish which inhabits coastal waters and rivers of Arctic Siberia, Alaska, and Canada and is there known as the Arctic cisco or Siberian omul.[2][4][6][7] C. autumnalis is not distributed elsewhere in northwestern Europe, and the pollan are often given a status of subspecies as Coregonus autumnalis pollan.[3][8] These classifications are based on the close genetic similarity of the Arctic and Irish whitefish populations.[9][10][11] By IUCN and in the FishBase, the Irish pollan is, however, listed as a distinct fish species Coregonus pollan.[5][1]

Unlike its Arctic relatives, the Irish pollan does not migrate to the sea.


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