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Corel Designer

Corel Designer is a vector-based graphics program. It was originally developed by Micrografx, which was bought by Corel in 2001.

The last version developed by Micrografx was 9.0 in 2001. This program was later sold as Corel Designer 9. There are still a number of users who continue working with version 9.0, because newer versions of the product are based on a modified CorelDraw rather than the original product.[1]

Corel Designer is effective for the creation of engineering drawings, but also offers many functions for graphic design.

Release history and file formats[edit]

Manufacturer Product name Release year Filename extension Label
Micrografx In-a-vison 1986 *.drw Draw
Micrografx Designer 3.0 1990 *.drw Draw
Micrografx Designer 3.1 1992 *.drw Draw
Micrografx Designer 4.0 1993 *.ds4 Designer Version 4.0
Micrografx Designer 4.1 Dec 1994 *.ds4 Designer Version 4.1
Micrografx Designer 6.0 Sep 1995 *.dsf Designer Format
Micrografx Designer 7.1 Nov 1997 *.dsf Designer Format
IGrafx Designer 8.0 2000 *.dsf Designer Format
Micrografx Designer 9.0 2001 *.dsf Designer Format
Corel Designer 9.02 2002 *.dsf Designer Format
Corel Designer 10 2003 *.des Designer
Corel Designer 12 2006 *.des Designer
Corel Designer 14 (X4) 2008 *.des Designer
Corel Designer 15 (X5) 2010 *.des Designer
Corel Designer 16 (X6) 2013 *.des Designer
Corel Designer 17 (X7) 2014 *.des Designer


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