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Corentin de Chatelperron, born in Vannes in 1983, is a French engineer, adventurist and manager of the "Gold of Bengal" project.


After general engineering studies of ICAM he worked 3 years in the ecotourism and aeolian sector.[citation needed]

Early in 2009 he went to Bangladesh to work in a modern shipyard producing fiberglass composite boats, the Taratari shipyard.[1] Rapidly he thought of replacing the fibreglass (which is a polluting, expensive and imported material) with jute fiber, a natural local resource.

So as to show the potential of the jute composite and to find partners, he built the sailboat Tara Tari [2](40% jute fiber, 60% fiberglass) and decided to come back to France on board. This six-month journey at sea, later called the "Tara Tari adventure"[3] was a big success.[clarification needed] With several partners, Corentin de Chatelperron launched "Gold of Bengal",[4] a research project on the uses of jute fibre as a composite reinforcement. For 3 years,[when?] an eight-person team has been developing this innovation for Bangladesh (research, prototyping, technology transfer).[citation needed] This research project gave birth, in March 2013, to a second boat, "Gold of Bengal" [5] made entirely in Bangladesh with 100% jute composite.

Corentin de Chatelperron is a member of the Society of French Explorer and a scientific consultant for the French Sustainable School of Design.[citation needed]


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