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Statue of Coresi, next to St. Nicholas Church, Brașov

Coresi (also known as diaconul coresi)d. 1583, Brașov) was a Romanian printer of the sixteenth century. He was the editor of some of the earliest printed books in the Romanian language.


Coresi first became active at Târgoviște, but then moved to Brașov, where he started printing books not only in Church Slavonic, but also in Romanian. He first learned the art of printing from Dimitrije Ljubavić, who was himself working for the Metropolitanate of Wallachia.

List of books printed by Coresi[edit]

"Apostol" (in Romanian) by Coresi, 1563
  • Tetraevanghelul (1561)
  • Întrebare creștinească (Catehismul) (1561–1562)
  • Liturghierul (1570)
  • Psaltirea (1570)

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