Corey Lake

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Corey Lake
Location St. Joseph / Cass counties, Michigan, United States
Coordinates 41°55′55″N 85°44′30″W / 41.93194°N 85.74167°W / 41.93194; -85.74167Coordinates: 41°55′55″N 85°44′30″W / 41.93194°N 85.74167°W / 41.93194; -85.74167
Basin countries United States
Surface area 630 acres (250 ha)
Residence time 4.4 years
Surface elevation 873 ft (266 m)

Corey Lake is a small, inland lake in south western Michigan. It is located just outside Three Rivers, and is the home to Camp Eberhart and Camp Wakeshma. There is also the Corey Lake Marina and Happy Landing, a small restaurant.

The lake, from above, looks a bit like Mickey Mouse. It is circular shaped, with North Bay and Turtle Bay sprouting from one side and Little Corey jutting out from another side. The vast majority of the lake is located in Fabius Township, St. Joseph County, although its westernmost reach extends into Newberg Township, Cass County.

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