Corinto, Nicaragua

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Municipality of Nicaragua
Corinto is located in Nicaragua
Location in Nicaragua
Coordinates: 12°29′N 87°11′W / 12.483°N 87.183°W / 12.483; -87.183Coordinates: 12°29′N 87°11′W / 12.483°N 87.183°W / 12.483; -87.183
Country  Nicaragua
Department Department of Chinandega
Founded 1858
Population (2005 [1])
 • Municipality of Nicaragua 16,624
 • Density 606.4/sq mi (234.14/km2)
 • Urban 16,466
 • Rural 158
Time zone Central Time (UTC-6)

Corinto is a town of 16,624 (2005 population) on the northwest Pacific coast of Nicaragua in the province of Chinandega. The municipality was founded in 1863.


It was a railroad terminus and is Nicaragua's largest and only Pacific port for the import and export of goods. It has its own Container terminal and is able to manage a wide variety of cargo: liquid, bulk, containers, cars, etc.

British Occupation of Corinto[edit]

When Nicaragua refused to pay Britain an indemnity for the annexation of the Mosquito Reserve, the British responded by occupying the Nicaraguan Pacific port of Corinto on 27 April 1895.[2] However the British stay was limited by the Clayton-Bulwer Treaty with the US and was forced to withdraw on May 15 without adequate compensation.[3]

United States Intervention[edit]

On May 2, 1896, U.S. Marines landed in Corinto to protect American interests during political unrest.

On January 25, 1922 the USS Galveston landed a detachment of U.S. Marines at Corinto, to reinforce the Managua legation guard during a period of political tension.

While supporting the Contra war against the Sandinista government in the 1980s, U.S. Forces mined the Port of Corinto. On October 10, 1983, an attack destroyed 3.2 million US gallons (12,000 m3) of fuel. It is believed that this attack was directed by the CIA and carried out by U.S. Navy Seals.[4][5][6][7][8]

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