Cork–Limerick–Galway corridor

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The Cork–Limerick–Galway corridor links the Republic of Ireland's second, third and fourth largest urban centres.

Transportation links[edit]

Limerick lies midway between Cork and Galway approximately 100 km from each city.


Galway and Limerick are linked by the N18. Limerick is linked to Cork by the N20. Some of this network has been improved in recent years but much of the roadway remains single carriageway. A motorway is planned between Cork and Limerick.[1] Similarly, The Galway-Limerick section is now mostly motorway. From the M18, the road enters the Limerick Tunnel and emerges on the M20, also motorway, as far as Adare.


The Western Rail Corridor links the three cities after recent major investment.

The three cities are served by the Cork Suburban Rail, Limerick Suburban Rail and Galway Suburban Rail networks.


There are three international airports in the region: Shannon Airport, Cork Airport, and Kerry Airport.


The main economic engines of the region are the Economy of Cork and the Economy of Limerick.

Third level institutions[edit]


The Shannon Free Zone in County Clare is an industrial zone with over 150 companies employing over 7,500 people.

The National Technology Park (NTP), Ireland's first science/technology park (263 hectares), which is home to over 80 organisations employing over 4,000 people adjacent to the University of Limerick.

Cork is the home of Ireland's pharmaceutical industry with most of Ireland pharmaceutical companies located in the Little Island area.[citation needed]


Greater Cork: 480,000

Limerick urban area: 110,000

Galway city: 70,000


Region Population Area
County Cork 542,196 7,499 km²
County Limerick 195,175 2,756 km²
County Clare 118,627 3,450 km²
County Galway 258,552 6,149 km²
Grand total 1,114,550 19,854 km²


City and county council areas[edit]

The city and county council areas covered by the corridor are:

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