Cork County (UK Parliament constituency)

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Cork County
Former County constituency
for the House of Commons
Number of members Two
Replaced by East Cork, Mid Cork, North Cork, North East Cork, South Cork, South East Cork and West Cork

Cork County was a parliamentary constituency in Ireland, represented in the Parliament of the United Kingdom. From 1801 to 1885 it returned two Members of Parliament (MPs) to the House of Commons of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Ireland.

At the 1885 general election, County Cork was divided into seven parliamentary divisions: East Cork, Mid Cork, North Cork, North East Cork, South Cork, South East Cork and West Cork.

Since 1922, the area no longer elects UK members of parliament, as it is no longer in the United Kingdom.


This constituency comprised the whole of County Cork, except for the city of Cork and the boroughs of Bandon, Kinsale, Mallow and Youghal.

Members of Parliament[edit]

Year 1st Member 1st Party 2nd Member 2nd Party
1801, 1 January Viscount Boyle Whig (from 1806) Robert Uniacke Fitzgerald
1806, 17 November Hon. George Ponsonby Whig
1807, 16 May Viscount Bernard Conservative
1812, 23 October Viscount Ennismore
1818, 29 June Viscount Kingsborough Whig
1826, 21 June Hon. Robert King Whig
1827, 4 December John Boyle Whig
1830, 12 August Viscount Boyle Whig
1832, 29 December Feargus Edward O'Connor[1] Repeal, Chartist Garrett Standish Barry Repeal
1835, 5 June Richard Longfield Conservative
1837, 18 August Edmond Roche Repeal
1841, 15 July Daniel O'Connell Repeal
1847, 2 July Maurice Power Repeal
1852, 22 March Vincent Scully Repeal and Liberal
1855, 23 April Rickard Deasy Liberal
1857, 10 April Alexander McCarthy Repeal
1859, 10 May Vincent Scully Repeal and Liberal
1861, 28 February Nicholas Philpot Leader Conservative
1865, 29 July George Richard Barry Liberal
1867, 3 February Arthur Smith-Barry Liberal, later Unionist
1868, 30 November McCarthy Downing Liberal
1874, 9 February William Shaw Home Rule
1879, 20 February David la Touche Colthurst Liberal Unionist
1885 Constituency divided: see East Cork, Mid Cork, North Cork, North East Cork, South Cork, South East Cork and West Cork


Divided 1885 into seven divisions[edit]


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