Cork Dry Gin

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Cork Dry Gin
ManufacturerIrish Distillers
Country of origin Ireland
IntroducedCirca. 1793
Alcohol by volume 37.5%

Cork Dry Gin is an Irish gin. First produced in Cork in the Watercourse Distillery circa 1793. Since 1975, Cork Dry Gin has been manufactured by Irish Distillers, a subsidiary of Pernod Ricard, at their Midleton Distillery. Cork Dry Gin is the largest selling gin brand in Ireland.[1]

Until recently, bottles of Cork Dry Gin still featured the name of the Cork Distilleries Company,[2] which had purchased the Watercourse Distillery in 1867 and owned it until its subsequent merger with two other Irish distilleries to form Irish Distillers in 1966.[3]


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