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Corley Services
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Corley services
Corley services is located in Warwickshire
Corley services
Corley services (Warwickshire)
County: Warwickshire
Road: M6
Coordinates: 52°28′20″N 1°32′53″W / 52.472240°N 1.548005°W / 52.472240; -1.548005Coordinates: 52°28′20″N 1°32′53″W / 52.472240°N 1.548005°W / 52.472240; -1.548005
Operator: Welcome Break
Date opened: 1972[1]
Website: Welcome Break

Corley services is a motorway service station, between junctions 3 and 4 of the M6 motorway in the English county of Warwickshire. It is close to the village of Corley, with the nearest city being Coventry. A footbridge, originally made of concrete but now clad in orange fibreglass panelling, spans the motorway to link services on either side.

Corley was opened in 1972 (a year after the section of motorway it serves), and was originally operated by Forte. Currently it is operated by Welcome Break and receives approximately 2 million visitors per year.

In December 2003, Corley became the first motorway service station to have a permanent Police Community Support Officer, jointly funded by Welcome Break and Warwickshire Police [2]







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