Cornalvo Dam

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Cornalvo Dam
Roman Cornalvo dam, Extremadura, Spain. Pic 01.jpg
Roman Cornalvo dam in Spain
Location Badajoz province, Extremadura, Spain
Coordinates 38°59′18″N 6°11′28″W / 38.98833°N 6.19111°W / 38.98833; -6.19111Coordinates: 38°59′18″N 6°11′28″W / 38.98833°N 6.19111°W / 38.98833; -6.19111
Opening date 1st–2nd century
Dam and spillways
Impounds Albarregas (Guadiana basin)
Height 28.0
Length 194.0
Width (base) 26.0

The Cornalvo Dam is a Roman gravity dam in Badajoz province, Extremadura, Spain, dating to the 1st or 2nd century AD. The earth dam with stone cladding on the water face is still in use.[1]

It is part of the Archaeological Ensemble of Mérida, an UNESCO World Heritage Site since 1993.[2]

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