Corned beef sandwich

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Corned beef sandwich
Katzs deli corned beef.jpg
Type Sandwich
Main ingredients Bread, corned beef, mustard, pickles
Variations Reuben sandwich

A corned beef sandwich is a sandwich filled with corned beef.[1] The salt beef style corned beef sandwiches are traditionally served with mustard and a pickle.


In the UK, pickle is a common addition to a corned beef sandwich. ("Corned beef" in the UK refers to what is called bully beef elsewhere.)

Another variant more common in the United States has sauerkraut, known as a Reuben sandwich.[2]

A contraband corned beef sandwich on rye brought aboard the Gemini 3 spacecraft by John Young resulted in a minor controversy, for the risk posed to the craft and crew by floating crumbs and lingering odors.[3]

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