Cornelia Sollfrank

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Cornelia Sollfrank
Born 1960
Nationality German
Education Academy of Fine Arts Munich, University for screen end of arts in Hamburg
Known for Internet Art, Cyberfeminist, Hacker

Cornelia Sollfrank (born 1960, in Feilershammer, Germany) is an artist who pioneered into the digital realm and Cyberfeminism in the 1990s.

Life and work[edit]

In 1997 she participated in a net art competition titled Extension organized by the Gallery of Contemporary Art, Hamburg Art Museum in Germany. Her Work titled "Female Extension" was linked to Cyberfeminism and was aimed to prove that male artists where favored in this genre.

Cornelia Sollfrank founded the organization Old Boys Network (OBN)[1] along with artist groups 'frauen-und-technik' (Women and Technique) and '-Innen' ("Inside",[2] but also a suffix for feminin plurals[3]). OBN published First Cyberfeminist International in 1998 followed by next Cyberfeminist International in 1999. Women Hackers[4] was an essay written to raise awareness about hackers and to the fact that there were no female hackers at that time.

In 2004 Cornelia Sollfrank's monograph titled " generator" was published by Verlag für moderne Kunst Nürnberg.[5]


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