Cornelia Street Cafe

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Cornelia Street Café
Cornelia Street Cafe sign, circa 2009
Cornelia Street Cafe, circa 2009
Cornelia Street Cafe, circa 2009
Restaurant information
EstablishedJuly 1977; 43 years ago (1977-07)
ClosedJanuary 1, 2019; 2 years ago (2019-01-01)
Owner(s)Robin Hirsch
Previous owner(s)Charles McKenna, Raphaela Pivetta, Robin Hirsch
Dress codeCasual
Street address29 Cornelia St.
CountyNew York City
StateNew York State
CountryUnited States of America
Coordinates40°43′53″N 74°00′09″W / 40.731348°N 74.002391°W / 40.731348; -74.002391

The Cornelia Street Cafe, was a restaurant & bar at 29 Cornelia Street in New York City's Greenwich Village, opened in July 1977. The cafe closed at the end of 2018, due to rising rents from the gentrification of the West Village; ending on its holiday closed day of New Years 2019.[1][2] The cafe had been voted one of the best places to listen to jazz music in the world.[2]


In the 21st century, the Cornelia Street Cafe was a restaurant and nightclub, showcasing musicians, poets, writers, and artists. In 1998, the Cafe was one of the restaurants recognized by the Greenwich Village Society for Historic Preservation with a Village Award presented to "Cornelia Street Restaurants".[3]


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Coordinates: 40°43′53″N 74°00′09″W / 40.731348°N 74.002391°W / 40.731348; -74.002391