Cornelis Schuyt

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Cornelis Schuyt
Born Cornelis Floriszoon Schuyt
Leiden, Seventeen Provinces
Died 9 June 1616 (aged 58–59)
Leiden, Dutch Republic
Resting place Pieterskerk
Notable work Works

Cornelis Floriszoon Schuyt (1557 – 9 June 1616) was a Dutch organist and Renaissance composer.

Cornelis Floriszoon Schuyt was born in Leiden in 1557. He was the son of Floris Corneliszoon Schuyt (1529/30–1601), the organist of two churches in Leiden, the Pieterskerk and the Hooglandse Kerk.[1]

Schuyt made a study journey to Italy, where he was introduced to Renaissance music.[1]

In 1593, Schuyt became an organist in the Pieterskerk and the Hooglandse Kerk, alongside his father. In 1601, after his father's death, he became the main organist in the Pieterskerk.[1]

Schuyt published four volumes with compositions, with three volumes of madrigals.[1] None of his organ music has survived.

Schuyt died on 9 June 1616 and was buried in the Pieterskerk, a church in Leiden.


His name is written in the main hall of the Concertgebouw in Amsterdam, Netherlands.

In Amsterdam-Zuid, Cornelis Schuytstraat (52°21′19″N 4°52′16″E / 52.355215°N 4.87123°E / 52.355215; 4.87123) is a street named after him.


Title page of Hollandsche madrigalen met vijf, ses, ende acht stemmen (1603)
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  • Hollandsche madrigalen met vijf, ses, ende acht stemmen (1603)
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