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A ship in stormy seas, 1625, collection Scheepvaartmuseum

Cornelis Verbeeck (1590–1637), also known as Cornelis Verbeecq, was a Dutch Golden Age painter from Haarlem.


He is first mentioned along with Hans Goderis in the book Harlemias by Theodorus Schrevelius as choosing marine painting.[1][2] Verbeeck painted primarily marine and seascape works. He was directly influenced by Hendrick Cornelisz Vroom. Verbeeck died in 1637.[3] Some of his works are displayed at the National Gallery of Art.[4] He is not to be confused with the father of the seascape painter Pieter Cornelisz. Verbeeck.[5]

According to the RKD, he was related to Johannes van der Beeck and was known as Smit for his temperamental similarity to a smith in several fights and brawls. He was married in the Dutch Reformed church in 1609 to Anna Pietersdr and they had 4 children; 3 daughters and a son.[5] Though the son was registered as a painter, nothing is known today of him.[5]


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