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Cornelius James Terence Lysaght[1] (/ˈlst/ LEYE-sət; born 27 January 1965, Gloucester, England, UK) is the horse racing correspondent of the BBC, usually broadcasting on Radio 5 Live.[2] He took up this position in June 2001, succeeding Peter Bromley, who had held the position since 1959.

Lysaght was raised in Herefordshire and educated at Eton. Initially a broadcaster with radio stations Severn Sound (Gloucester) and Southern Sound (Brighton) and telephone service Racecall, he was amongst the first people heard on Radio 5.[citation needed]

In 2003, Lysaght helped BBC 5 Live's racing team win a Sony Award for its acclaimed Cheltenham Festival coverage. In the 1990s he appeared on BBC Radio 1 as the voice of Mark and Lard's daily competition feature "Dobbins or Bobbins".[3]

He has written for the London Evening Standard, Horse and Hound magazine, The Sunday Mirror, The Times, The Guardian, Radio Times and for the BBC.

He is a supporter of Everton Football Club.[4]


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