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Cornelius Lysaght[1] (/ˈlsət/ LY-sət, born 27 January 1965 in Gloucester, England) is the horse racing correspondent of the BBC, usually broadcasting on Radio 5 Live.[2] He took up this position in June 2001, succeeding Peter Bromley, who had held the position since 1959.

Lysaght was raised in Herefordshire and educated at Eton. Initially a broadcaster with radio stations Severn Sound (Gloucester) and Southern Sound (Brighton) and telephone service Racecall, he was amongst the first people heard on Radio 5.[citation needed] He lives in the Midlands.

In 2003, Lysaght helped BBC 5 Live's racing team win a Sony Award for its Cheltenham Festival coverage. In the 1990s he appeared on BBC Radio 1 as the voice of Mark and Lard's daily competition feature "Dobbins or Bobbins".[3]

He has written for the London Evening Standard, Horse and Hound magazine, The Sunday Mirror, Owner Breeder magazine, The Times, The Guardian, Radio Times and for the BBC website. His first book World Racecourses (Collins) was published in October 2018.

He is a supporter of Everton Football Club.[4] and has been owner or joint owner of a number of racehorses trained by Mrs S C Bradburne, Nick Alexander, A Balding and M D Hammond. He also wears spectacles.

It was announced in December 2019 that he would be leaving the BBC in 2020.[5]


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