Cornellà Centre station

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Cornellà Centre
Rodalies de Catalunya commuter station
Barcelona Metro station
Location Carrer Ernest Lluch
08907 Cornellà de Llobregat
Coordinates 41°21′27″N 2°04′12″E / 41.3574°N 2.0700°E / 41.3574; 2.0700Coordinates: 41°21′27″N 2°04′12″E / 41.3574°N 2.0700°E / 41.3574; 2.0700
Owned by Adif
Operated by Renfe Operadora
Platforms 6 side platforms
Tracks 6
Structure type At-grade
Parking A parking lot is located at each side of the station.[2]
Other information
Fare zone 1 (ATM Àrea de Barcelona and Rodalies de Catalunya's Barcelona commuter rail service)[3][4]
Preceding station   Rodalies de Catalunya símbol.svg Rodalies de Catalunya   Following station
toward Manresa
Preceding station   Barcelona Metro Logo.svg Metro   Following station
Terminus L5
Preceding station   Tramvia metropolita.svg TRAM   Following station
Les Aigües
toward Bon Viatge
Ignasi Iglésias
toward Francesc Macià
Les Aigües
toward Llevant-Les Planes

Cornellà Centre, also simply known as Cornellà, is a Rodalies de Catalunya and Barcelona Metro station, as well as Trambaix tram stop. It is located in the city centre of the Cornellà de Llobregat municipality, to the south-west of Barcelona, in Catalonia, Spain.

It has been the southern terminus of Barcelona Metro line 5 since 1983, when it was opened. The Rodalies de Catalunya station is served by Barcelona commuter rail service lines R1 and R4. On the other hand, the Trambaix stop is served by routes T1 and T2.

The original name of the Barcelona Metro station was simply "Cornellà", but it was renamed "Cornellà Centre" due to the fact that Gavarra and Sant Ildefons stations, all of them on Barcelona Metro line 5, are also located in the Cornellà de Llobregat municipality.


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