Cornell–Hobart rivalry

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Men's Lacrosse Series
First meeting

1896 (Cornell)[1][2]

1898 (Hobart)[3][4]
Latest meeting February 25, 2017
Next meeting February 24, 2018
All-time record

Cornell: 86–48–4 (Cornell)[2]

Cornell: 85–47–4 (Hobart)[4]

The Cornell–Hobart rivalry is an intercollegiate lacrosse rivalry between the Cornell Big Red, which represent Cornell University, and the Hobart Statesmen, which represent Hobart College. It is one of the oldest rivalries in college lacrosse, but Cornell and Hobart disagree on what year it started. Cornell claims the first game was 1896 and Hobart says 1898.[1][3] As of 2017, Cornell claims it leads the series 86–48–4, while Hobart says the all-time record is 85–47–4.[2][4] The game is sometimes referred to as the oldest ongoing college lacrosse series. The Johns Hopkins–Maryland series began in 1895, although the teams only played 7 times before 1924.[5]

In 1995, Hobart promoted its team from Division III to Division I to preserve the lacrosse rivalry with Cornell and a similar one with Syracuse. In 2008, the continuation of the series was put in jeopardy when the Hobart Board of Trustees decided to reclassify its lacrosse program back to the Division III level on April 26. After an emotional reaction from the alumni community, however, the decision was reversed on May 1. The following day, Cornell played the first night game at Hobart's Boswell Field.[6]

Like Cornell, Hobart has never awarded athletic scholarships, and could not after the men’s lacrosse program moved to Division I in 1995 due to NCAA policy. Unlike Johns Hopkins, which was grandfathered, Statesmen lacrosse is one of only five Division III programs to compete in Division I without athletic scholarships.


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