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Cornelly Community, on the western edge of Bridgend County Borough (shaded brown), South Wales.

Cornelly (Welsh: Corneli) is a community in Bridgend County Borough, South Wales. In 2011, the population of the Cornelly ward was 7,059.[1]

The community includes two villages, North Cornelly and South Cornelly, and it is bisected by the A48 and M4. Sand dunes in the area conceal the walled town of Kenfig, founded in the 1120s and overwhelmed in the late 14th century.[2] Another notable local feature is Sker House, a historic building which overlooks the dunes.[2]


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Coordinates: 51°31′1″N 3°42′15″W / 51.51694°N 3.70417°W / 51.51694; -3.70417