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Corner Shop Show
Corner Shop Show.jpg
Promotional poster
Created byIslah Abdur-Rahman
Written byIslah Abdur-Rahman
Directed byIslah Abdur-Rahman
Creative director(s)Michael Truong
StarringIslah Abdur-Rahman
Narrated byIslah Abdur-Rahman
Theme music composerMC Zani
Islah Abdur-Rahman
Opening themeWelcome To The Corner Shop - Mike Tan
Ending themeWelcome To The Corner Shop - Mike Tan
Composer(s)Mike Tan
Country of originUnited Kingdom
Original language(s)English, Bengali, Sylheti, Cantonese, Hindi, Urdu, Punjabi, Patois, Spanish
No. of seasons1
No. of episodes13 (list of episodes)
Producer(s)Islah Abdur-Rahman
Production location(s)London, United Kingdom
CinematographyIslah Abdur-Rahman
Sharad Patel
Robert Hoang
Sultan Adnan
Maznur Rahman
Krishan Kainth
Editor(s)Islah Abdur-Rahman
Camera setupCanon 5D Mark II, Canon 5D Mark III
Running time12–37 minutes
Production company(s)IAR Media Ltd
Picture format16:9 720p (HDTV)
Audio formatStereo
Original release2014 (2014)
Related showsCorner Shop Express, As We Proceed, Mandem on the Wall
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Corner Shop Show is a British comedy drama web series that premiered on YouTube in March 2014. The series is created by Islah Abdur-Rahman and consists of continuous episodes uploaded on his YouTube channel CornerShopShow, following the adventures of a young man's transition to fill his father's shoes after becoming the custodian of the family business.


In mid 2013, the series came to fruition when Islah Abdur-Rahman was with a friend who, like Malik in the series, was taking care of a family business whilst his father was away on business. Whilst they were in the shop, that Abdur-Rahman began mind mapping a new series.[1]


The original music is provided by Mike Tan, the theme song features vocals by the creator, director and writer of the series, Islah Abdur-Rahman alongside former UK Beatbox Champion MC Zani. As the series ventured into its second season, the team included singer/songwriter Sonna Rele & Sauce[1]

In August 2014, Episodes 1 and 2 of Corner Shop Show were removed from YouTube[1] because Abdur-Rahman did not think they had the same production level as Episode 3 onwards and wanted to take the series in a new direction.[2] The series had its television premiere on Christmas Eve 2014 on Brit Asia TV. When reaching the ninth Episode, Abdur-Rahman launched a crowd funding campaign to create Season 2.

Cast and characters[edit]


  • Islah Abdur-Rahman as Malik: The Corner Shop manager
  • Michael Truong as Tony Chang: Chinese businessman whose store is shut down so he works at the Corner Shop


  • Ali Shahalom as Saleem: Visitor from Bangladesh who works in the Corner Shop but gets deported at the end of Episode 2
  • Sheplo Mozomil as Riaz: University student who helps out at the Corner Shop
  • Kaysar Miah as Tariq: Malik's best friend
  • Wasim Islam as Rohim: School pupil who works part-time at the Corner Shop
  • Gina Badhen as Mia: The health and safety inspector
  • Bilal Shahid as Harry the Hobo: A former Woolworths employee who has an addiction for paracetamol
  • Rukku Nahar as Meena: School girl, friend of Melis
  • Janise Sadik as Melis: School girl, friend of Meena
  • Hassan Khan as Saif: Owner of the rival shop, Off Licence
  • Hamzah Jeetooa as Amil: Worker at the rival shop, Off Licence
  • Samuel Frimpong as Mr. Asante: Ghanaian barber
  • Jasmine Jardot as Sapphire
  • Yasmin Elizabeth as Shantelliqua: Nail salon beautician
  • Andrea Martinez as Claudia: Spanish nail salon beautician
  • Tindy Grewal as Dun Know Naa-Tin: Delivery guy
  • Lawrence Ben Walters as Dun Know Dan: Delivery guy
  • David Mullane as Patrick: Fish and Chip Shop Owner
  • Kash Ahmed as Rafi: Malik's cousin
  • Ikramul Hoque as Shafi: Malik's cousin
  • Babrul Hoque as Grandad: Malik's grandad
  • Jez Kaur as Sharon Kaur: Malik's neighbour
  • Manpreet Bambra as Shameena: Malik's cousin
  • Ashley David as Isaac: Malik's best friend
  • Naresh Kumar as Zack: Security Guard for the Corner Shop
  • 3rd Dan Master Askir Zakareah Khan as Sifu: Tony Chang's martial arts master and has an unknown connection with Malik
  • Jeja Obi Njoku as Dreadman: Sifu's student and Tony Chang's rival
  • Robert Hoang as Kenny Chang: Tony Chang's brother
  • Samiz Mustak as Elayna: Receptionist at the High Street Investigation Department
  • Rob Compton as Agent Gully: High Street Investigation Agent
  • Tanya Robb as Agent Colder: High Street Investigation Agent
  • Guz Khan as Postman: Postman of the high street
  • Can Kabadayi as Mehmet: Corner Shop temp staff



  • Episode 1: Its My First Day
  • Episode 2: Rules are Rules
  • Episode 3: The Unexpected Inspector
  • Episode 4: May The Best Man Win
  • Episode 5: Get Your Facts Straight
  • Episode 6: Become The Carrom Board
  • Episode 7: Eid Mubarak
  • Episode 8: We Have Bigger Concerns
  • Episode 9: The Beginning Of The End
  • Episode 10: Oh Brother
  • Episode 11: You Khan’t Touch This
  • Episode 12: Funny & Furious
  • Episode 13: Zombie's On The High Street
  • Episode 14: Thank You, Come Again



The soundtrack of the Corner Shop Show contains original and parody music, all of which are created by Mistah Islah.

All tracks written by Mistah Islah.

1."Corner Shop Theme Song"Mistah Islah & MC Zani00:15
2."Saaf Khortam (Cleaning The Shop)"Mistah Islah & MC Zani00:31
3."Off Licence Theme Song"Mistah Islah & MC Zani1:02
4."Hold On, We're Gonna Be Late (Drake Parody)" (featuring Alyusha)Mistah Islah & MC Zani2:14
5."50% Off" (featuring Ashley David)Mistah Islah & MC Zani1:39
6."Man Like Malik"Malik1:38
7."See You Again" (featuring Tommy)Malik1:42
8."I Want You Back"Mistah Islah & Sonna Rele1:28
9."Driving School"Man Like Malik & Raxstar2:26
10."Corner Shop Gon' Give It To Ya"Mistah Islah1:10

Original music[edit]

  • Welcome To The Corner Shop - Mike Tan
  • Corner Shop Stac - Mike Tan
  • Boss, You Need To See This - Mike Tan
  • Where Were You When I Needed You - Mike Tan
  • Sifu - Mike Tan
  • Previously On Corner Shop - Mike Tan
  • Do You See The Boy - Mike Tan
  • It Ain't Over Unless I Quit Trying - Mike Tan
  • Losing A Friend - Mike Tan
  • Blueprints - Mike Tan
  • Satsui-No-Such-Thing - Mike Tan
  • Tony vs Dreadman - Mike Tan
  • The Chosen One - Mike Tan
  • We're In This Together - Mike Tan
  • End Credits Theme - Mike Tan

Series overview[edit]

Season Episodes Originally released
Season premiere Season finale
1 9 March 2014 (2014-03) November 2015 (2015-11)
2 6 July 2017 (2017-07)


As of October 2015, a miniseries called Corner Shop Express was launched. It aimed to bring weekly videos for its viewers.

  • Episode 1: 5p Plastic Bags and Illegal Segways
  • Episode 2: Wedding Shopping
  • Episode 3: Halloween Special
  • Episode 4: Tony Chang - Draw My Life
  • Episode 5: Bounce Back Newham
  • Episode 6: Malik - Draw My Life
  • Episode 7: Man Like Malik
  • Episode 8: Grandad's Punishment
  • Episode 9: Sharon's Shanti

The Corner Shop Show YouTube channel eventually dissolved into The CS Network in early 2019 as Islah Abdur-Rahman conversed about plans of launching other series and spin-offs.

In other media[edit]

The Corner Shop has been featured in other comedy series and songs. In April 2015, Malik (Islah Abdur-Rahman) was a character in the web series called Mandem On The Wall, directed by himself, where the shop was featured. In July 2014, Malik (Islah Abdur-Rahman) and Tony (Michael Truong) were characters in the 7th episode of the web series, As We Proceed by Sunny and Shay where the shop was also featured. In late 2015, Malik, Tony and the Corner Shop were featured in Iksy's parody music video alongside Mumzy Stranger, Humza Arshad, Bengali Blitz, Puremovements and Char Avell. In 2017, Malik and Tony appeared on Raxstar's music video for his song "King Midas".[3] In March 2018, Malik (Islah Abdur-Rahman), Tony (Michael Truong) and Mehmet (Can Snatchy Kabadayi) featured in Humza Arshad's parody of the viral Nike advertisement, known as "Nothing Beats A Londoner", featuring notable Londoners from underrepresented minorities such as Juggy D, H-Dhami, Tasha Tah, Sevaqk, Bobby Friction, Raxstar, Tez Ilyas, Arjun, Steel Banglez, Char Avell, Jay Sean, Mumzy Stranger and Naughty Boy.[4][5]

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