Corner of an Endless Road

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Corner of an Endless Road
Studio album by Lior
Released February 12, 2008
Genre Roots, indie
Label Independent, MGM Distribution
Lior chronology
Doorways of My Mind
Corner of an Endless Road
Tumbling into the Dawn

Corner of an Endless Road is the second studio album by independent Australian singer-songwriter Lior, released in February 2008. The album was nominated for an ARIA Award for the Best Independent Release at the 2008 ARIA Music Awards.[1]

Track listing[edit]

  1. "April Bloom"
  2. "I'll Forget You (feat. Sia)"
  3. "Corner of an Endless Road"
  4. "Sleeping In the Rain"
  5. "Heal Me"
  6. "Lost In You"
  7. "Burst Your Bubble"
  8. "Sonja"
  9. "Jerusalem"
  10. "Take the Sting Out"
  11. "Safety of Distance"


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