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Quarter of Genoa
Via Cornigliano
Via Cornigliano
Coordinates: 44°24′57″N 8°52′14″E / 44.41583°N 8.87056°E / 44.41583; 8.87056
 • Total 15,428
Area code(s) 010

Cornigliano, also called Cornigliano Ligure (the official name of the former municipality) is a western quarter of the Italian city of Genoa.


Cornigliano lies on the coast about 7 kilometres west of the center of Genoa, between the quarters of Sampierdarena and Sestri Ponente. Cornigliano includes in its territory also the hamlets of Campi, Coronata and Erzelli. Along with Sestri Ponente is part of Medio Ponente sixth 'municipio' (administrative subdivision of Genoa).

View of Cornigliano in a 1963 photo by Paolo Monti

Along the eastern boundary of the quarter one of the two main torrents flowing through Genoa, river Polcevera, flows and has its mouth into the Ligurian Sea.