Cornwall County, Jamaica

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Cornwall County
Location of Cornwall County
Country Jamaica
Capital Montego Bay

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Cornwall is the westernmost of the three historic counties into which Jamaica is divided. It has no current-day administrative significance.[citation needed] It includes Montego Bay, the island's second largest city by area.

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The county of Cornwall is shown in green


Jamaica's three counties were established in 1758 to facilitate the holding of courts along the lines of the British County court system.[1] Cornwall, the westernmost, was named after the westernmost county of England.[1] Savanna-la-Mar was its county town.[1]


Cornwall County
Parish Area
Census 2011
1 Hanover 450.4 67,037 Lucea
2 Saint Elizabeth 1,212.4 146,404 Black River
3 Saint James 594.9 175,127 Montego Bay
4 Trelawny Parish 874.6 73,066 Falmouth
5 Westmoreland 807.0 138,947 Savanna-la-Mar
  Cornwall County 3,939.3 600,581
  Jamaica total 10,990.5 2,607,631 Kingston


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Coordinates: 18°16′N 77°52′W / 18.27°N 77.86°W / 18.27; -77.86