Cornwall Transit

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Cornwall Transit
Cornwall Transit Logo.png
Founded 1971
Headquarters 863 Second St. West, Cornwall ON
Service area Cornwall, Ontario
Service type Bus service, Paratransit
Routes 6 regular routes
Community bus
Industrial specials
Fleet 24
Operator City of Cornwall
Website Cornwall Transit

Cornwall Transit (also known as TheBus, its fonts similar to Honolulu, Hawaii's), serves the City of Cornwall, Ontario, Canada with 24 buses that transport about 538,833 passengers per year.[1] Founded in 1971 and originally operated under contract by A.J. McDonald Limited the system has been city run since 1974.[2]

A comprehensive service review conducted in 2000[3] focused on the needs of three specific groups: students, industrial employees, and seniors. The report, based on one primary principle: transit should directly and conveniently take passengers where they want to go, was approved by council in November 2000, and many of the recommendations were immediately implemented. Several types of service are now provided, including conventional bus routes, community bus, paratransit service, supplementary industry area service and charters.[4]


Cornwall Transit operates 7 conventional transit routes. 6 of these services are interlined, with the interconnected routes maintaining the same number on both routes.

    • 1 Pitt
    • 1 McConnell
    • 2 Cumberland
    • 2 Sunrise
    • 3 Brookdale
    • 3 Montreal
    • 4 Riverdale

Additionally, the operator runs a fixed industrial service with four different deviations to serve the needs and shifts of workers at city plants.

    • S1: loop through the industrial sector running every 30 minutes
    • S2: one early morning run to the Prince Foods plant
    • S3: two midday runs to the Prince Foods and SCM plants
    • S4: one midnight run from the Prince Foods plant

Cornwall also operates the Handi-Transit paratransit service for physically challenged individuals, as well as a community bus route that offers several midday flexible loops based on passenger demand.


The fleet consists of GMDD Classics, Orion II CNG, Orion V and Eldorado National buses, Orion VI 06.501 and totals 24 buses.[5] Some of the Orion buses, comprising about one third of its total fleet,[6] run on Compressed Natural Gas.


Cornwall Transit allows bus advertising on the interiors and exteriors of the buses. The interiors have the standard 11 inches (280 mm) track system near eye level. Depending on the type of bus, the exteriors have space for King Signs (139 in × 30 in or 3,531 mm × 762 mm), Busboards (70 in × 21 in or 1,778 mm × 533 mm) and Custom Signs (55 in × 36 in or 1,397 mm × 914 mm). The City of Cornwall generates revenue by tendering the exclusive right to place the advertising on the buses to a contractor.


CNR railway station in Cornwall, 1926

Timeline of public transportation in Cornwall.[7]

1896 to 1902 - Cornwall Electric Street Railway Company
1902 to 1970 - Cornwall Street Railway, Light and Power Company, Limited
1971 to current - Cornwall Transit