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According to traditional Chinese uranography, the modern constellation Corona Borealis is located in Three Enclosures (三垣, Sān Yuán).

The name of the western constellation in modern Chinese is 北冕座 (běi miǎn zuò), meaning "the northern crown constellation".


The map of Chinese constellation in constellation Corona Borealis area consists of :

Four Symbols / Enclosures Mansion / Enclosure (Chinese name) Romanization Translation Asterisms (Chinese name) Romanization Translation Western star name Chinese star name Romanization Translation
Three Enclosures (三垣) 天市垣 Tiān Shì Yuán Heavenly Market enclosure 貫索 Guànsuǒ Coiled Thong
π CrB[1] 貫索一 Guànsuǒyī 1st star
θ CrB[1] 貫索二 Guànsuǒèr 2nd star
β CrB[1] 貫索三 Guànsuǒsān 3rd star
α CrB[1]
貫索四 Guànsuǒsì 4th star
貫索西南大星 Guànsuǒxīnándàxīng Big southwestern star
外厨大星 Wàichúdàxīng Big star near Outer Kitchen constellation
γ CrB[1] 貫索五 Guànsuǒwǔ 5th star
δ CrB[1] 貫索六 Guànsuǒliù 6th star
ε CrB[1] 貫索七 Guànsuǒqī 7th star
ι CrB[1] 貫索八 Guànsuǒbā 8th star
ρ CrB[1] 貫索九 Guànsuǒjiǔ 9th star
ο CrB 貫索增二 Guànsuǒzēngèr 2nd additional star
η CrB 貫索增三 Guànsuǒzēngsān 3rd additional star
κ CrB 貫索增四 Guànsuǒzēngsì 4th additional star
λ CrB 貫索增五 Guànsuǒzēngwǔ 5th additional star
τ CrB 貫索增六 Guànsuǒzēngliù 6th additional star
σ CrB 貫索增七 Guànsuǒzēngqī 7th additional star
υ CrB 貫索增八 Guànsuǒzēngbā 8th additional star
天紀 Tiānjì Celestial Discipline
ξ CrB[1] 天紀一 Tiānjìyī 1st star
ν2 CrB 天紀增三 Tiānjìzēngsān 3rd additional star
23 Her[2] 天紀增四 Tiānjìzēngsì 4th additional star
七公[3] Qīgōng Seven Excellencies
ζ CrB 七公增七 Qīgōngzēngqī 7th additional star
μ CrB 七公增八 Qīgōngzēngbā 8th additional star

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  2. ^ the star is actually located in the constellation of Corona Borealis near the border of Hercules
  3. ^ this is not original mansion for this constellation and listing is only for additional stars

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