Coronation Futurity Stakes

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Coronation Futurity Stakes
Restricted race
Norcliffe by Bob Demuyser.jpg
Norcliffe, painted by Bob Demuyser (1920-2003)
LocationWoodbine Racetrack
Toronto, Ontario, Canada
Race typeThoroughbred - Flat racing
Race information
Distance1 18 miles (9 furlongs)
SurfaceTapeta synthetic dirt
QualificationTwo-year-olds foaled in Canada
Weight122 pounds

The Coronation Futurity Stakes is a Thoroughbred horse race for 2-year-old horses foaled in Canada. It is run annually in mid-November at Woodbine Racetrack in Toronto, Ontario, Canada at a distance of ​1 18 miles. Along with its turf counterpart, the Cup and Saucer Stakes, the Coronation Futurity is the richest race for two-year-olds foaled in Canada.

Inaugurated in 1902 at Toronto's Old Woodbine Racetrack, it was created in celebration of the August 9, 1902 coronation of Edward VII of the United Kingdom. The winner of the race often becomes the early favorite for next year's Queen's Plate, though the last horse to win both races was Norcliffe in 1975.[2]

The 1963 winner was Northern Dancer who would go on to win the Kentucky Derby and Preakness Stakes and become the most important sire of the 20th Century.[2] Of note, his young jockey that day was future Canadian and U.S. Hall of Fame jockey Ron Turcotte who, ten years later, would ride Secretariat to victory in the U.S. Triple Crown series.

Sunny's Halo won the 1982 edition of the Coronation Futurity and went on to win the following year's Kentucky Derby.[2]

Since inception, the Coronation Futurity has been contested at a variety of distances:[3]

  • 4 furlongs : 1902-1909 at Old Woodbine Racetrack
  • 4 12 furlongs : 1909-1917 at Old Woodbine Racetrack
  • 5 furlongs : 1920-1926 at Old Woodbine Racetrack
  • 6 furlongs : 1927-1940 at Old Woodbine Racetrack
  • 1 mile : 1941-1948 at Old Woodbine Racetrack
  • 1 mile and 70 yards : 1949-1956 Old Woodbine Racetrack, 1957 at the new Woodbine Racetrack
  • 1 116 miles : 1958-1960 at Woodbine Racetrack
  • 1 18 miles : 1961 to present at Woodbine Racetrack

The race was run on a natural dirt surface until Woodbine installed a synthetic dirt surface in 2006. In 2016, the surface was Tapeta;[4] it was Polytrack between 2006 and 2015.


Speed record: (at current distance of ​1 18 miles)

  • 1:49.20 - Norcliffe (1975) - natural dirt
  • 1:50.91 - Martimer (2011) - Polytrack

Most wins by an owner:

Most wins by a jockey:

Most wins by a trainer:


2017 Aheadbyacentury Rafael Hernandez John Ross Jacks of Hearts Racing/J.R. Racing 1:51:02
2016 King and His Court Gary Boulanger Mark Casse Gary Barber/Wachtel Stable 1:50.76
2015 Shakhimat Emma-Jayne Wilson Roger L. Attfield Dan Gale 1:51.10
2014 Decision Day Jesse M. Campbell Josie Carroll Donver Stable 1:52.50
2013 Asserting Bear James McAleney Reade Baker Bear Stables, Ltd. (Danny Dion) 1:50.96
2012 Up With the Birds Eurico Rosa da Silva Malcolm Pierce Sam-Son Farms 1:51.13
2011 Martimer Luis Contreras Sid C. Attard Norseman Racing Stable 1:50.91
2010 Strike Oil Luis Contreras Mark E. Casse John C. Oxley 1:52.10
2009 Hollinger Tyler Pizarro Roger Attfield Bob Harvey & Al Wortzman 1:51.55
2008 Active Duty Corey Fraser Mark E. Casse Woodford Racing LLC 1:52.01
2007 Kesagami Patrick Husbands Sid C. Attard Jim Dandy Stable 1:53.40
2006 Leonnatus Anteas Jono Jones Kevin Attard Knob Hill Stable 1:55.97
2005 Thinking Out Loud Todd Kabel David R. Bell D. Morgan Firestone 1:54.84
2004 Ablo Gerry Olguin Roger Attfield Attfield/Canino/Werner 1:55.24
2003 A Bit O'Gold Jono Jones Catherine Day Phillips The Two Bit Racing Stable 1:54.15
2002 Arco's Gold * Constant Montpellier John A. Ross Steven & Alex DiIorio 1:53.75
2001 Streakin Rob Gary Boulanger James E. Day Cudney Stables/Allan Kent 1:53.63
2000 Highland Legacy Emile Ramsammy Steve Owens Empress Stable 1:54.20
1999 Dixieland Diamond Todd Kabel Mark Frostad Sam-Son Farm 1:55.06
1998 Zaha Robbie Davis Kiaran McLaughlin Shadwell Racing 1:55.20
1997 Classic Result Sandy Hawley Macdonald Benson Augustin Stable 1:54.00
1996 Love View Mickey Walls David R. Bell R. F. & J. E. Shaw 1:55.60
1995 Firm Dancer Jim McAleney Mike Keogh Gus Schickedanz 1:53.80
1994 Talkin Man Robert Landry Roger Attfield Kinghaven/Stollery 1:52.60
1993 Parental Pressure Jack Lauzon Fred H. Loschke Hammer Kopf et al. 1:53.80
1992 Circulating Sandy Hawley Rod Wright Sherwood/Sheehan 1:54.20
1991 Keen Falcon Sandy Hawley Emile M. Allain Keen Syndicate 1:55.00
1990 Rainbows For Life Brian Swatuk James E. Day Sam-Son Farm 1:52.00
1989 French King Sandy Hawley Bill Marko Rocco A. Marcello 1:57.00
1988 Spigot Jim McAleney David R. Bell John A. Franks 1:53.60
1987 Regal Classic Dave Penna James E. Day Sam-Son & Windfields 1:53.80
1986 Bold Executive Richard Dos Ramos Gerry Belanger Romeo/Marcello/Pedigree 1:54.60
1985 Grey Classic Irwin Driedger James E. Day Sam-Son Farm 1:55.80
1984 Dauphin Fabuleux Jeffrey Fell James E. Day Sam-Son Farm 1:53.20
1983 Prince Avatar Robin Platts Bil Marko Royal Crown S./Marko 1:53.00
1982 Sunny's Halo Dave Penna David C. Cross Jr. David J. Foster 1:53.60
1981 Le Danseur Gary Stahlbaum Jacques Dumas Jean-Louis Levesque 1:51.00
1980 Bayford Robin Platts John J. Tammaro, Jr. Kinghaven Farm 1:51.20
1979 Allan Blue Joey Belowus Gil Rowntree Stafford Farm 1:54.60
1978 Medaille d'Or Jean Cruguet Yonnie Starr Jean-Louis Levesque 1:50.60
1977 Overskate Robin Platts Gil Rowntree Stafford Farm 1:52.20
1976 Giboulee Sandy Hawley Jacques Dumas Jean-Louis Levesque 1:50.80
1975 Norcliffe Sandy Hawley Roger Attfield Norcliffe Stable 1:49.20
1974 L'Enjoleur Sandy Hawley Yonnie Starr Jean-Louis Levesque 1:51.80
1973 Lord Durham Sandy Hawley James C. Bentley Windfields Farm 1:52.80
1972 Zaca Spirit Avelino Gomez Clarke Whitaker Bo-Teek Farm 1:50.60
1971 Gentleman Conn Sandy Hawley Jerry C. Meyer Willow Downs Farm 1:51.60
1970 Great Gabe John Baboolal Jerry C. Meyer Willow Downs Farm 1:52.40
1969 Dauntless Spirit Hugo Dittfach V. Walker Bo-Teek Farm 1:53.40
1968 Viceregal Richard Grubb Gordon J. McCann Windfields Farm 1:51.60
1967 Arctic Blizzard Avelino Gomez Lou Cavalaris, Jr. M. Seitz & J. Reid 1:54.20
1966 Cool Reception Avelino Gomez Lou Cavalaris, Jr. M. Seitz & J. Reid 1:53.40
1965 Titled Hero Avelino Gomez Patrick MacMurchy Peter K. Marshall 1:55.40
1964 Good Old Mort Avelino Gomez Jerry C. Meyer Edward B. Seedhouse 1:54.60
1963 Northern Dancer Ron Turcotte Horatio Luro Windfields Farm 1:51.00
1962 Welcome Pardner Richard Armstrong Roy Johnson Golden West Farm 1:52.20
1961 Choperion James Fitzsimmons Horatio Luro Windfields Farm 1:52.00
1960 Jammed Lucky Hugo Dittfach Yonnie Starr Conn Smythe 1:46.20
1959 Victoria Park Avelino Gomez Horatio Luro Windfields Farm 1:46.40
1958 Bull Vic Al Coy Yonnie Starr Maloney & Smythe 1:45.80
1957 Stole The Ring C. O'Brien E. Hall Miss C. B. Armstrong 1:45.40
1956 Chopadette Vic Bovine Gordon J. McCann Winnifred Taylor 1:43.40
1955 Canadian Champ David Stevenson John Passero William R. Beasley 1:43.40
1954 Baffin Bay R. Buisson M. Long Luxiana Farm 1:47.00
1953 King Maple Herb Lindberg J. Hornsby Mrs. G. McMacken 1:43.00
1952 Canadiana Jose Vina Gordon J. McCann E. P. Taylor 1:47.00
1951 Flareday R. Buisson John J. Thorpe J. E. Frowde Seagram 1:47.40
1950 Britannia Gil Robillard Gordon J. McCann E. P. Taylor 1:44.00
1949 Unionville F. Dodge D. Sommerville H. Clifford Hatch 1:45.60
1948 Speedy Irish Johnny Dewhurst Octave Viau G. H. McCullagh 1:44.60
1947 Last Mark Howard Bailey Jim G. Fair Jim G. Fair 1:41.00
1946 Casa Camara Herb Lindberg Robert K. Hodgson William. F. Morrissey 1:39.60
1945 Kingarvie Johnny Dewhurst Richard Townrow Parkwood Stable 1:42.60
1944 Uttermost Bobby Watson Cecil Howard Harry C. Hatch 1:40.40
1943 Cyperac Sydney Denny Birley Arthur Brent Parkwood Stable 1:41.20
1942 Grandpal Harry Meynell Loyd Gentry, Sr. Harry C. Hatch 1:42.40
1941 Cossack Post Robert Watson Loyd Gentry, Sr. Harry C. Hatch 1:44.60
1940 Depositor Pat Remillard Leo Woodstock Medway Stable 1:14.00
1939 Katie Bud Norman Foden Dave Garrity Dave Garrity 1:14.00
1938 Jelwell Stirling Young Bert Alexandra Cosgrave Stable 1:14.00
1937 Skyros M. Delio F. Cook H. Talbot 1:15.60
1936 Pagan King Colin McDonald Harry Giddings, Jr. Parkwood Stable 1:12.80
1935 Sweepouch Stirling Young William H. Bringloe Harry C. Hatch 1:14.60
1934 Lipton Eddie Barnes Jack Hutton Ryland H. New 1:13.80
1933 Horometer Frankie Mann Harry Giddings, Jr. Col. R. S. McLaughlin 1:13.80
1932 Khaki John John Mattioli J. Hynes Thorncliffe Stable 1:14.60
1931 Easter Hatter G. Riley Loyd Gentry, Sr. Harry C. Hatch 1:16.40
1930 Rare Jewel Norman Foden William Campbell Conn Smythe 1:15.00
1929 Spearhead Frank Coltiletti John J. Hastings Tedluc Stable 1:15.20
1928 Pin Wheel Frankie Mann Fred H. Schelke Thorncliffe Stable 1:15.75
1927 Young Kitty John McTaggart William H. Bringloe Seagram Stable 1:14.60
1926 Arrant Jade F. Smith G. Miller Lily A. Livingston 1:04.80
1925 Phanariot B. Kennedy William H. Bringloe Seagram Stable 1:02.40
1924 Fairbank Edward Scobie J. Coleman James C. Fletcher 1:02.20
1923 Isoletta T. Wilson William H. Bringloe Seagram Stable 1:01.60
1922 Ocean Crest John McTaggart Fred H. Schelke Thorncliffe Stable 1:02.00
1921 Captain Scott John McTaggart J. Coleman Thorncliffe Stable 1:03.20
1920 Chief Sponsor Roxy Romanelli Harry Giddings, Jr. Harry Giddings, Sr. 1:02.40
1919 no race
1918 no race
1917 Sea Froth T. Parrington Barry T. Littlefield Joseph E. Seagram 0:56.00
1916 Gold Galore Arthur Pickens Barry T. Littlefield Joseph E. Seagram 0:55.20
1915 Armine W. Stevenson Harry Giddings, Jr. Harry Giddings, Sr. 0:56.40
1914 Linsin F. Goldstein Albert G. Weston Charles S. Campbell 0:56.60
1913 Beehive Johnny Wilson Harry Giddings, Jr. Harry Giddings, Sr. 0:55.60
1912 Hearts of Oak Clarence Turner Harry Giddings, Jr. Harry Giddings, Sr. 0:56.60
1911 Ondramon Johnny Wilson Harry Giddings, Jr. Harry Giddings, Sr. 0:56.20
1910 Satin Bower D. McCarthy R. Walker Robert T. Davies 0:57.20
1909 St. Cecilia Trueman William Shields Robert T. Davies 0:58.40
1908 Lady Milner Carroll Shilling Barry T. Littlefield Joseph E. Seagram 0:49.60
1907 Andrew Summers James Kelly H. McDonald J. W. Groves 0:49.20
1906 Festino Barry T. Littlefield John K. Treubel Joseph E. Seagram 0:49.40
1905 Zelinda Roxy Romanelli B. Pope Robert T. Davies 0:51.00
1904 Caper Sauce Otto Wonderly Barry T. Littlefield Joseph E. Seagram 0:50.50
1903 Loupanga J. Daly Robert T. Davies Robert T. Davies 0:50.75
1902 Ayrshire Lad T. Waller Edward Whyte William Hendrie 0:51.50
*In 2002 Arco's Gold and Mobil raced to a Dead heat for the win but Mobil was subsequently disqualified for interference and set back to second.


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