Coronation Street: Romanian Holiday

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Coronation Street: Romanian Holiday
Corrie DVD.jpg
DVD cover art
Directed by Ian Bevitt
Written by Simon Crowther and Chris Fewtrell
Starring David Neilson
Julie Hesmondhalgh
Katherine Kelly
John Henshaw
Steve Huison
Siobhan Finneran
Release date
  • 26 October 2009 (2009-10-26)
Running time
81 minutes
Country United Kingdom
Language English

Coronation Street: Romanian Holiday is a DVD feature-length film of the popular British soap opera Coronation Street released in October 2009.


Roy (David Neilson) and Hayley Cropper (Julie Hesmondhalgh) are on their way to Frankie Baldwin's (Debra Stephenson) wedding to a pro-footballer but due to unforeseen events they end up missing it. Things go from bad to worse when they stay in Frankie's villa for a week only to be joined by another couple who claim to have also been invited to stay by Frankie. They pack their bags and leave but then bump into their close friend Becky Granger (Katherine Kelly) at the airport.


Actor Character
David Neilson Roy Cropper
Julie Hesmondhalgh Hayley Cropper
Katherine Kelly Becky McDonald
Steve Huison Eddie Windass
John Henshaw Glen
Siobhan Finneran Verity
Cristina Cioran Tour Guide
George Remes Plainclothes Policeman
Constantin Florescu Barman
Constantin Barbulescu Bogdan
George Grigore Father Balthazar