Coronation of the Bulgarian monarch

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The Bulgarian Monarchs used the titles: Khan, Prince (Knyaz), Tsar and King.

Prince Boris I baptized in Pliska

When acceding to the throne in the First and Second Bulgarian Empire the occasion was marked with a coronation. The coronation was conducted by the Bulgarian Orthodox Church. During the Third Bulgarian State accession was marked by a oath on the constitution.

First Bulgarian Empire[edit]

Tsar Simeon I coronation by Patriarch Nicholas I Mystikos

Eastern Orthodox Christianity entered Bulgaria during the reign of Prince Boris I. He converted to Orthodoxy in 864. His godfather was Emperor Michael III and Boris accepted the name Michael as his Christian name. His title was changed from the pagan Khan to the Christian Prince.

Prince Simeon I was the first Bulgarian ruler to be crowned in the Orthodox Faith. He was crowned outside the city of Constantinople by Patriarch Nicholas I Mystikos in 913. He assumed the title Tsar of the Bulgarians and the Romans.

Second Bulgarian Empire[edit]

Church of St Demetrius of Thessaloniki used for coronations

The rulers of the Second Bulgarian Empire were crowned in Tarnovo.

Third Bulgarian Tsardom[edit]

Tsar Ferdinand I after declaring Bulgaria's Independence

The Bulgarian rulers of the Third Bulgarian Tsardom were not crowned.

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