Coronet of George, Prince of Wales

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Heraldic depiction of the coronet of George, Prince of Wales.

The Coronet of George, Prince of Wales, manufactured in 1901–1902, is a single-arched silver-gilt coronet made for the then Prince of Wales (the future King George V) to wear at the coronation of his father, King Edward VII, in 1902. The coronet is sometimes referred to as a crown, even by official sources.

At George's own coronation in 1911, the crown was worn by his son, Edward, the next Prince of Wales. After becoming King Edward VIII in 1936, he abdicated in December that year, and, as the Duke of Windsor, went into exile in France, taking the coronet with him; it remained abroad until his death in 1972. A new Prince of Wales' coronet had to be manufactured for the investiture of Charles, Prince of Wales, in 1969. After Edward's death, the Coronet of George, Prince of Wales, was returned to the United Kingdom, where it is now on display in the Jewel House at the Tower of London.

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